Sunday, 28 December 2014


The worst thing about working in a department store is walking past all the gorgeous designer brands and lusting after something that is so far out of your price range you don't even dare dream of buying something so luxury. I have been stalking Dolce and Gabbana for the last few seasons and the black lace pieces in particular have been screaming at me to BUY BUY BUY!!!
I managed to stay well away until a customer asked me to try on a dress for her because I am apparently the same size as her friend. The customer had to prise that dress off me with a crow bar once she had declared it to be the perfect gift (some friends get all the luck!) I decided there and then I would have my own Dolce dress even if I had to make it myself, because how could I live without it!!
 I used a heavy black cotton lace that was from LaceFabrics on Etsy. I bound the edges of each pattern piece with black tulle as Dolce does (yes I have peeked inside quite shamelessly). And I made a separate black silk slip fully lined that I could also put under other dresses. The dress came together quite nicely to be honest, it fit well first time, though I did take in the side seams a further inch for a slightly closer fit.
I edged the arm holes and neck line with scalloped lace edging cut from the fabric and applied it after I had constructed the bodice. The only real issues I have with this dress are that the zip is quite visible, as I could not stitch too close for fear of not being able to run the zipper well. And also that after wearing a few times the body seems to have stretched slightly and could probably now do with having the shoulders lifted (but that's a job for another time, preferably not just before I plan to wear it and bodge the adjustment in my rush!)
I got away without having to hem the bottom by cutting the skirt with the edge laying on the scalloped edge of my lace fabric, and I am always happy with these little time saving realisations!
I have worn this dress three times already and it has looked fantastic every time. I put it on at 7am Christmas morning to open my presents from Santa because, frankly, why the hell not!!! And it didn't matter to me at all that when I went out for breakfast everyone was staring - apparently it was a velour track suit convention!
I hope you like my latest creation!

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