Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas!!!

In the Molly Makes Magazine I saw a brilliant tutorial for felt Christmas decorations, and to be honest the only thing I love more than felt is Christmas decorations, so this was a serious winning combo for me!!! This project is really great for using up scraps of felt that are too small to do bigger projects with. The tutorial does suggest to use glue to stick down all the small details, which is very quick and easy, but as I wanted these to last for years to come I used Bondaweb to stick down and hand stitched each shape in place for real staying power!
I have been working on these babies since October and they are now ready to be displayed. Only problem is I don't have a Christmas tree, so they have taken a Christmas mini break over to my friend Verity's house to live on her otherwise naked tree for the festive season. Verity I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labour ☺ and really, why are there no presents under your tree? 

She sent me over a picture of them in their new twinkling home. My favourite bauble is the deer, he is so sweet and happy and brings a smile to all that see him.
Merry Christmas!!!