Saturday, 31 January 2015

Vintage Pattern Pledge 2015!

I must confess that I have a substantial collection of vintage patterns and most of them bought in the last year. However I have shamefully not made up any of them into finished garments! I am seduced into buying each one by the lovely ladies in the stunning illustrations. How can any sewist resist such sassy, glamorous artwork?
Vintage patterns are expensive, well most of the time and sellers have cottoned on to the demand so prices are on the rise. I have spent a pretty penny on some of these patterns and it is about time they earned their keep!

And so I Pledge "I Christina Snellgrove will sew 10 Vintage Patterns in 2015" and furthermore I will not buy any more until I make use of the ones I have stashed away!!!*

*Unless I come across something completely fabulous and uniquely un-missable that is close to my size and therefore meant to be mine (though in that case I cannot be held liable for the universe wanting me to care for another unloved pattern)
Most of these patterns require tracing off, grading up, then alterations made to the pattern, followed by a toile to check fitting issues and further alterations all before I even cut into my fabric choice. But I want a meaty challenge that I can push myself to achieve and so I am jumping in at the deep end with 10!!! I will also be sharing with you all the adjustments I make to these patterns for those of you who may not have the experience of altering vintage patterns and want some help.

This pattern is super adorable and I might have to make up both options! One fun, full skirted option in a cute floral and another super chic option that is figure hugging and glamorous, definitely teamed with a Marilyn wiggle I think!!! 
And that is all for now Folks!

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