Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Collectif Suit

My first Collectif purchase turned out to be extremely successful. I found this 60's style suit and sweater for £50 online and, though the skirt was not my size and needed serious alterations, I still think it was a bargain. 
I have styled the suit in a modern way with black leather accessories, neutral makeup and an understated, simple hairstyle. I think people can often be scared that vintage looks too costumey, so I wanted to illustrate a modern take for this suit.

The fabric has a rich texture to it that looks luxurious and is surprisingly warm. It does feel slightly carpet-like, but I do like carpets ;-)
The jacket is a size 14 and fits nicely, true to size and the sizing chart on their website. The only skirt available was a size 18, which I took in from the centre back seam and shortened to just below the knee.

These buttons are smooth and reflective and have a Bakelite feel to them, which is a really nice touch.

I'm generally not a fan of faux fur but this collar is soft with a beautiful sheen to it.

The fur cuffs are elegant and finished at a comfortably chic position on my wrist.

POP!!! floral lining! I love a cute lining. It feels luxurious to have a pretty, soft and slippery lining inside, making the suit easy to put on.

I am a keen supporter of matching belts - why did they ever go out of style? They are really the perfect finishing touch!

Black leather boots would not be my usual choice, but in attempting a more modern twist I gave them a go and surprisingly it does work.

I also got the matching sweater with the same faux fur collar.

I'm really happy with this look and glad to wear something with a bit of colour now that it is staying lighter for longer but still a bit cold.




  1. Christina,
    May is say: this suit is adorable.
    The color is amazing and I'd dare call it "ever-lasting" - and the fur is just the right size and hue.
    And, gosh... inner lining in floral pattern... I'll faint from joy if it was mine.


  2. Sweet dear, you look sensational! What a chic suit in an unexpected, elegant and thoroughly beautiful colour. You look like a million stylish dollar, honey.

    Ooohh, and I so agree, matching belts are so practical and pretty. I don't get why they largely went out style either. Yet another element that was better about mid-century fashion!

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. I've always loved this suit of Collectif's - when you said you'd picked up some sale bargains I was hoping to see what they were, and here they are! The colour of it is so gorgeous - where are all the clothes nowadays in this lovely colour?! It looks fab on you and I know what you mean about toning the vintage down a bit. You've done that well! CC x

  4. I saw this suit on quite a lot girls this winter, mostly in pink. The turquoise is defenitly the better choice ... it looks fantastic on you!