Tuesday, 17 March 2015

How To Sew A Scalloped Hem

 I'm currently working on a cute little outfit for summer and am experimenting with a new hemming technique. 
Why have a straight hem when you can have a scalloped one right?

I started by making a template of the shape I wanted my scallops to be- exactly one stripe in width (on my fabric the stripes are exactly 1 1/2" wide). I made the depth of the scallop 1". I used this template to draw in each scallop on the wrong side of the fabric. You could do a template of a few scallops to save time, I did only one for accuracy due to the stripes.

I laid a 6" strip of cotton fabric the same width as my skirt hem behind as my facing and pinned together.
I then machined along my drawn line as accurately as possible, pivoting at each point.

I cut close to the stitch line, approx 1/8" away. Then clip between each scallop into the point as close as possible without cutting into the stitching.

Then I turned the right sides out and pressed well.

If you do not clip close enough between each scallop you will get a little tuck like the above. Fix this by turning inside out and clipping closer.

If you cut into your stitch line you will get a small hole as pictured above. To repair this you can either turn inside out and sew a new machine line higher up to conceal the hole, or you could repair with a few hand stitches once your hem is completed. That second option is quicker and easier so I'd go with that.

I then turned under the raw edge of the facing and hand stitched down. I slipped in some 5" crinoline tape to give more body and structure to my hem as the skirt is very full, 6 meters full in fact!

And you could totally do this to a garment you already own  to freshen up the look and give an old garment another lease of life.

Happy Sewing!



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