Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Afternoon Tea at the Millennium Hotel

 Tucked away in the quiet streets of Mayfair, the Millennium Hotel sits discreetly. It is a building in keeping with the area and has an air of sophisticated decadence.
The foyer is grand and old fashioned, just as a lobby should be! The bar that I peeked into is a small masculine room full of leather and mahogany.
The restaurant was a great contrast to the rest of the building and was an extremely modern space. A spacious and bright setting to enjoy afternoon tea, but lacking a little charm and character. I always think it is a shame when doing renovations to an old building, that everything original is torn out and replaced.

I paid £20 per person for champagne afternoon tea on an Amazon deal (I can never resist an Amazon deal!). We had champagne to start while mulling over the tea options, of which there were many. The menu had in-depth descriptions of each tea to help choose.
Tea was served shortly after with an hour glass to tell me when it had brewed, which was fun and a nice touch!
I always go for the Earl Grey, and this didn't disappoint. It was smooth, light and had that citrusy/floral bergamot twist.
Tea was served in a pretty Wedgewood wild strawberry tea set that was so very cute. I always think tea tastes better out of a nice tea set!

I enjoyed the traditional sandwiches, which were made with good quality ingredients and were incredibly fresh.
The scones were definitely homemade and nice and light. They were extremely large, so I struggled to finish them, but they were delicious.
The piece de resistance though was the desert tier. Incredible mini deserts, including a chocolate brownie, fruit and crème anglaise tart, a raspberry panna cotta, and my favourite, a pistachio crème brulee. Very small desserts, but each a perfect little morsel with flavours balanced to perfection.

I don't usually mention the toilets but these were particularly fabulous and spacious, so I took a quick selfie. I wore my Spring for Cotton dress that I have been wearing a lot recently.
For the Millennium I would score as follows -
  1. Mise-en-scène - 3/5 - A light and airy setting, quiet and relaxing.  
  2. Tea - 5/5 - A wide selection of loose leaf teas, the menu had in depth descriptions to help with choosing, plus such cute china!
  3. Scones - 4/5 - The scones were definitely homemade!  Yum yum!
  4. Service - 4/5 - Friendly, attentive staff.
  5. Value - 4/5 - They do great deals on Amazon Local. It is worth going purely for the deserts alone!

Total: 19/25 

I has a fantastic time at Millennium Hotel and would definitely visit again!






  1. This looks like such a perfect afternoon and you picked such a wonderful dress to wear, you look stunning. That high tea also looks amazing - those scones and sandwiches actually look pretty generous in size, not teeny tiny the way they often are. And those teacups!!!! Okay so needless to say that I found this post really exciting :P

    1. I had a really great time. The tea cups were my favourite part, just adorable!!!

  2. What an elegantly lovely day out! A bit of an OT side note, but I was struck in these photos even more than usual by how very much you resemble Veronica Lake. You're both classic beauties with rippling blonde hair and a timelessly elegant sense of style and grace alike.

    Oodles of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Thank you so much for saying so. I am very inspired by the old movie siren's styles and try to emulate the look as best I can!