Tuesday, 30 June 2015

City Chic, Burda Blouse

I have just had my first experience of sewing with Burda Magazine. I know that this magazine is popular in many different countries, but you need to be a serious sewing ninja to use these patterns! The patterns are so well hidden its almost impossible to find what your looking for!
I used the simplest pattern they had and managed to get a result I'm happy with.

I mean, just look at that maze of patterns! Golly Gosh!

I fell in love with this look! The sheer elegance of it caught my eye and I knew I had to recreate it! What I didn't take into consideration was that the loose, tent like silhouette may look fabulous on a model, but on a real, average sized person might be a little unflattering.

The outfit I put together is very similar to Burda's 60's look. Teaming the loose top with a fitted cigarette trouser, silk head scarf and large sunnies. 
I did feel super chic in this outfit even though it is a very different look to my usual 50s vibe.

A very easy pattern to sew together, but with some nice details. The pleat in the front gives a good drape to the top and the raglan sleeves are very comfortable and sit on the shoulder perfectly.

I am a big fan of a key hole opening, very discreet and a pretty, delicate detail in the back.

I tried a messy bun hairstyle with a folded silk scarf. Looking back on the pictures now, I seem to look very film star incognito in the scarf and sunglasses!

Does anyone have advice for sewing with the Burda magazine?




  1. I have no advice for sewing whatsoever, through Burda or otherwise, other than 'don't put your finger under the needle of your sewing machine before you lower it' (yes, I did that)! But I'm impressed you turned that maze of patterns into this. And I think it is flattering styled with fitted trousers - really chic!

  2. How did you ever sort those patterns. They look a nightmare! Your outfit is lovely, very chic! Also thank you for your comment on my post yesterday! X

  3. You should be real proud of yourself! Not only because you made the blouse brilliantly but also because you look so chic. So very chic!
    I do have some advice for you on these type of patterns! Make a couple or few more and you'll get better at following them. I know this sounds real strange but that's what I did and it worked. I have fashion magazines from the 1920s and '30s with these type of patterns included and when I saw the pattern sheets I felt like I was in the twilight zone. I just went for it anyhow and sewed one of the patterns up. After a few times using them I was somehow able to just pinpoint the pieces instantly and trace them off. This is probably useless advice, actually. But I do use Swedish pattern tracing paper and it's just real great stuff!

  4. Awesome outfit! That blouse is soooo marvelous elegant! You look fabulous and very, very stylish.

    ♥ Jessica