Thursday, 25 June 2015

My Favourite Sunny Corner

Once the sun starts shining, it is time to sit basking in its warmth like a cat! If I can add some crafting into the mix, accompanied by a tall glass of elderflower cordial, along with some softly playing music, then I'm having a pretty spectacular afternoon indeed! 

This is my current work in progress. Just a little project to quietly while away any down time.
I have been enjoying the process of doll making. It is not something that I have ever done before but I'm trying to learn some new skills this year and doll making was on my list.

I have embroidered the face fully by hand, which took time but was well worth the effort!

All she needs now is a cute ensemble!

This is the book I followed to create the doll. It is very easy to follow and the images are beautiful. I did struggle to find some of the supplies in the UK so I ordered everything that she recommends online from the USA. 
The authors blog is also worth checking out at

I'm looking forward to getting her finished and sharing the end result with you.

Have you tried your hand at doll making at all?

Are there any new skills you want to learn this year?




  1. Dolly's looking fab - love the tousled hair!

  2. What a perfectly beautiful corner to call your own. Our house - a condo that is flanked by others on three sides and a tall hill on the fourth - gets exceedingly little natural light, much to my chagrin, and a corner like this seems akin to sun-kissed paradise to me. It's awesome that you have this spot and that it lends itself so well to crafting. The doll that you're making is truly darling!

    Big hugs & many thanks for each and every one of your splendidly nice blog comments this month. Have a terrific first weekend of summer!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. hello,ciao Christina ..very nice room with the light of the Sun!..also the diy project about the doll is she need a pretty outfit..haha..
    ciao ciao,enjoy a sunny Sunday

  4. Christina!
    The doll is lovely thus far! I just adore dolls and I think the best part about them is making their tiny clothes. I look forward to seeing yours all done! There are so many new skills I would love to try my hand at but this year with a new baby and time sparse I'll have to stick to to the projects I have on the go at the moment. But I would love to try painting on silk fabric! Perhaps next year!
    Your sunny spot looks so ideal!