Friday, 17 July 2015

Panama Hat and River Views

We have been having some glorious weather recently in the UK!
I haven't yet been on a cruise along the river Nile, but I went for lunch on a river boat on the Thames.

In an attempt not to get sun burnt, and look fabulous I have pulled out my Panama hat. I don't think there is a more classically stylish hat than the humble Panama.

I compiled a board of some suave Panama wearers, from classic film and TV. I particularly  like the top left from 'The two faces of January' which was a very good film indeed!

 This is an everyday, casual outfit for me. I like a loose fit, sleeveless shirt when it gets hot. And paired with a straight leg, cream trouser is a comfortable yet stylish look.

A river boat restaurant is a lot of fun! Though it never leaves the dock, it feels like a special outing and is something different.

 View of the London Eye from the boat, just across the river. I could sit and watch the river forever!

 Lazy lunch of steak sandwich and chips, Yum Yum!

Enjoying the summer sunshine on the river, a spectacular way to spend the day!




  1. You look so elegant and now I want a Panama hat! I want to try and see if I can pull one off too :P Very jealous of your perfect day in the sunshine, luxuriating on the beautiful Thames :)

    1. You would look fabulous in a Panama! I'm loving all your summer shots of Russia recently!

  2. Perfect casual outfit - the hat is a fab finishing touch. I don't own any light trousers like this but I'm starting to think I could do with a pair... Dark denim is just so flattering though!

    1. I know what you mean about dark denim, way more flattering. Plus less chance of unidentifiable bum stains from sitting on benches, grass, or public transport, but maybe that's just me😀

  3. What a gloriously lovely summer outing and great ensemble to accompany it. Would you believe it, for all that hats I own, I don't have a single panama. Much like fedoras, they're a style I've always worried would not work very well on me. One shouldn't judge a book by its cover or a hat by sight alone though, so I'd totally be game for one, if a panama came my way.

    Have a awesome week ahead, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. hello,ciao...nice photos ..the view from the River is lovely!
    by the way:super stylish look!

  5. Looks like a fun way to spend the day, floating down the river looking uber stylish in that super hat!! I don't have a panama either, like Jessica, but I'm certainly tempted now!! xx