Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Russian Red

Russian red lipstick from Mac was the lipstick of choice for my holiday. A fantastic neutral base for all of my outfits. Yes, I do believe red is a neutral, along with animal prints, goes with everything and anything!

I found these wacky plastic tortoise shell sun glasses really cheap on holiday. They are such an unusual shape! Though not a vintage style, I needed some cheap sunnies that I didn't mind getting sandy and wet.

Perhaps you can see the flash of Ric Rac on the neckline, it is definitely my favourite trim of all time!

The view from the bedroom window at my friend's home. There are chickens in the shed at the back. We ate their fresh eggs for breakfast.

Fields in the countryside in north east Poland. everywhere we drove through looked much the same, beautiful and tranquil. As a city girl, I'm not used to so much sky everywhere.

This fabric reminds me of a little Russian doll. I originally made this dress for winter, but it has been so useful for the beach as it's wrap dress and so easy to get in and out of.



Sunday, 23 August 2015

A Casual Country Girl

In the summer heat, there is nothing more important than comfort. My 'go to' casual outfit this summer has been a crop top and full skirt (sans the petticoat of course).

This blue gingham skirt was a last minute project I sewed up a few days before my holiday. I didn't use a pattern, but just winged it. It is a little loose on the waistband, but that was intentional as I like to have some wiggle room whilst I travel.
 I love gingham so so much, probably because I used to wear a gingham summer dress to school as a small child, with a matching hair scrunchie and frilly socks.
This look has ended up a little Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and fitted perfectly with my visit to the stables - very farm girl!

This crop top has been one of my favourite separates this summer and was made up using the Mrs Depew- Beach Bustier pattern. I was tempted to make it up in a tropical print, but I'm glad I went with the basic block white for versatility's sake.

What has been your 'go to' look this summer?



Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Travelling in Style.

My favourite part of any holiday is preparing my outfit choices, in fact I think I only bring along the most fabulous side of myself on holiday! So here is the first of my looks. I only managed one quick shot as the sun was setting as it took all day to get to my destination in Poland.

I did, quite unbelievably, travel 12 hours in this outfit, and yes I wore the hat on the plane! Tee hee hee, I got some funny looks, but the hat would not be squashed into hand luggage and I was adamant to wear my new hat to the polish wedding I was jetting off to!

This dress was a fabulous sale purchase from Collectif, that arrived the day before my trip. Such a comfortable dress and cute too! I love a good bargain!

The first day I only had time to visit the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Bialystok. A beautiful church in a beautiful old town.

When in Europe, I always feel the compelling urge to visit churches, for no other reason than - they are pretty! As good an excuse as any though, I suppose.

The Sun set spectacularly!

The town was so very hot that water was being sprayed all along the street to keep everyone cool. Children ran in and out of the water, and I must say I was tempted!

Though not generally my style of photography, these pictures taken just as the sun was setting (and a long, beautiful day had come to its end) reminded me of a great time I had with friends in a special place.

The other holiday outfit posts coming soon.