Sunday, 23 August 2015

A Casual Country Girl

In the summer heat, there is nothing more important than comfort. My 'go to' casual outfit this summer has been a crop top and full skirt (sans the petticoat of course).

This blue gingham skirt was a last minute project I sewed up a few days before my holiday. I didn't use a pattern, but just winged it. It is a little loose on the waistband, but that was intentional as I like to have some wiggle room whilst I travel.
 I love gingham so so much, probably because I used to wear a gingham summer dress to school as a small child, with a matching hair scrunchie and frilly socks.
This look has ended up a little Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and fitted perfectly with my visit to the stables - very farm girl!

This crop top has been one of my favourite separates this summer and was made up using the Mrs Depew- Beach Bustier pattern. I was tempted to make it up in a tropical print, but I'm glad I went with the basic block white for versatility's sake.

What has been your 'go to' look this summer?




  1. You look AMAZING!!!! I love the design of the white top - and it looks perfect with the blue gingham, those two colours always look great together. Gingham is always my go to summer look - and just all year round in general because it's one of my favorite prints ever for how versatile and sweet it looks.

  2. Completely lovely outfit! You look fantastic! That skirt reminds me of different a mood gingham can have in different colours. Here in soft blue and white its positively serene. In pink it's bubbly and sweet, in red it's vibrant and match's summer heat, and in black (amongst others), it can take on more of a rock and roll vibe.

    Big hugs & happy last week of August wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. That bustier looks like it was technically difficult - I'm in awe of your skills! This is a perfect summer outfit, although where are you finding this heat - there's none over in my part of the UK!!

  4. Oh so CUTE!! I love the little crop top! Goes so well with the skirt!!

  5. Lovely outfit, love the gingham!!