Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Russian Red

Russian red lipstick from Mac was the lipstick of choice for my holiday. A fantastic neutral base for all of my outfits. Yes, I do believe red is a neutral, along with animal prints, goes with everything and anything!

I found these wacky plastic tortoise shell sun glasses really cheap on holiday. They are such an unusual shape! Though not a vintage style, I needed some cheap sunnies that I didn't mind getting sandy and wet.

Perhaps you can see the flash of Ric Rac on the neckline, it is definitely my favourite trim of all time!

The view from the bedroom window at my friend's home. There are chickens in the shed at the back. We ate their fresh eggs for breakfast.

Fields in the countryside in north east Poland. everywhere we drove through looked much the same, beautiful and tranquil. As a city girl, I'm not used to so much sky everywhere.

This fabric reminds me of a little Russian doll. I originally made this dress for winter, but it has been so useful for the beach as it's wrap dress and so easy to get in and out of.




  1. I hate this lipstick. Not on you - it looks amazing on you! On me, it makes me look like I should be on a hospital ward. And it makes me so angry that I hate it because it looks so darn good on everyone else on the planet. It also seems to look completely different on everyone - it's almost fuschia on you here. If only it looked 1/10th as good on me as it does on you!!

  2. I know exactly what you mean! Every orange tone looks totally hooker on me, why does it look amazing on everyone else! Grrrrrrr.......

  3. Gorgeous dress and lipstick colour! Russian Red has been my go-to red for years now and is what I describe as my perfect red lipstick, too. So long as they keep making it, they will have a customer for life in me! :)

    I really, really love this dress. It's so punchy, feminine, and fun!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Russian Red is my first ever lipstick that I bought - and ever since that day I keep a spare box of it in my vanity draw ready to go should I run out - god forbid! I love the combination of rickrac and floral - two of my favourite things on one dress :D The Polish countryside looks so beautiful, what a perfect little getaway!

  5. hello,ciao...nice dress and beautiful scenery there in Poland...cheers!
    ciao ciao