Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Joining The Vintage Capsule Sewing Challenge.

I went to the Resort Exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum, for inspiration in making my mix and match 4 piece, vintage capsule wardrobe.
This sewing challenge is hosted by Rochelle at Lucky Lucille. I love a good sewing challenge because it gives me a much needed kick to get things done!

There were many Horrocks cotton 1950s garments. It's no surprise that it was the 50s pieces I was instantly in love with!
The elegance!!!

Florals are perfect for summer. I really love the matchy matchy floral idea!

Such a cute little matching jacket to complete this look.

Matching belts make any outfit looked polished!

Another very sweet matching jacket.

Illustrations from Horrocks. I like the idea of including an illustration with a fabric swatch for my projects - what a fantastic record. A book full of them would make an interesting read. Even pattern numbers could be included along with an outline of the event the garment is intended for.

The patterns that I have chosen from my stash, I'm hoping to get get a few vintage patterns used for this project, to catch up with my Vintage Sewing Pledge.
And the Poppy fabric and Bakalite buttons I will be using, just to tease you!

This will be my last summer outfit, ready for my holiday before the knitwear, cashmere and wool take over. 
I do wish I was excited about that prospect but the rain follows and that does me no favours!

I can't wait to share my finished result, spoiler alert- It is AMAZING!



Goodwood Revival

So of course after never having been to a car show, I went to two this summer. Goodwood Revival being the bigger, fancier and staggeringly busier of the two.

I sported a totally different look for the day to mix things up a bit.

I tried out a snood for the first time and winged this hairstyle the morning of the event. The snood stayed in place literally all day and kept my hair off my neck in the heat for which I was most grateful!

I'm soo happy with how this hairstyle came together. I don't always get the result I envisioned. 

My hair inspiration is from the Poirot episode 'three little pigs' those front rolls were too fabulous to ignore!

This suit is an original 40s suit I got on etsy a couple of years ago. I altered it to fit perfectly as the original suit was too big and very boxy. I didn't cut anything from inside though so it can be put back completely to its original state.

I just love this blue taffeta bow and the yolk and dart details are what draws me to vintage pieces.  

I brought this doctors bag that I was given as a child for playing hospital with my dolls. Though I use it for a sewing bag now because no stray pins are getting through that thick leather. 

Of course seamed stockings were a must!

Most people dressed up for the event. It was nice for once not to stand out in a crowd. Everyone was really excited to be there, such a positive, open atmosphere.

The car racing was slightly irrelevant for me (sorry to say). I was totally absorbed by the people around and forgot I was there for car racing. 

Planes on the other hand I do find extremely interesting. Especially a spitfire! There were a few flying overhead as we arrived. 

Of course the men were totally transfixed by the cars, as expected. I was surprised just how loud the racing would be. I take it for granted that modern cars are really quiet. 

I had my picture taken with loads of strangers throughout the day and they all asked permission first (people don't usually ask!)
The day was absolutely  brilliant! I had the most amazing time people watching. Every one there was very friendly and happy to be there.



Saturday, 19 September 2015

Hanworth Classic Car Show

The first ever car show I attended was the Hanworth Classic car show earlier this year. As someone who knows literally nothing about cars (and I mean nothing, I can't even identify what make they are) it may seem like a strange place to go, but an opportunity to dress up, where large props are just sitting there ready to be photographed- I see a perfect opportunity!

The skirt I made last winter in the hopes of a beautiful care free summer, but once I wore it out of the house, I suddenly realised just how poofy it is! Definitely too show stopping for a trip to the high street! So patiently it sat, waiting for just the right occasion.

It took me forever to hem this bad boy, I mis-calculated the fabric and used double accidentally, DOH! But it worked out perfect in the end, real twirly potential.

My Mrs Depew Beach Bustier. I made it with this outfit in mind but ended up wearing it with all sorts of other outfits. 

This image was my original inspiration for my outfit. The Horst exhibition itself was fabulous, but this image spoke to me! 

A '99' with a flake is a must on a summers day. I don't know if they even have this wonderful milky ice cream in other countries, but it is my favourite! I hear the ice cream van music and it hypnotises me!

I couldn't resist topping up my lippy in the car mirror! 

Ooh, look what's inside! No really, what is in there??? 

This caravan was one of my favourite vehicles. Super cute, and there was loads of photos and information about its restoration. 

Imagine sitting here eating lunch in the summer, even parked at the end of your garden as a summer house. I really want one!

This before shot is crazy! Someone put a lot of love and attention in to this beauty. 

See, serious twirling capabilities!

I really enjoyed the Hanworth Classic car show. It was a low key affair, but very relaxed and jovial. My perfect introduction to classic cars, and a fabulous opportunity to dress up!



Friday, 4 September 2015

My Marilyn dress!

I am bursting with excitement to share with you all my 'Marilyn Dress'. This is my dream dress, and finally it has been realised.
The purpose of my trip to Poland was for a friend's wedding. Of course for such a special occasion a BEAUTIFUL dress was in order.

This is my favourite picture, I don't know why, very unusual and yet surprisingly flattering angle.

I was of course representing England to her Polish family and put my best foot forward with a giant hat. I do feel it is expected of the English to wear a big hat, and I don't like to disappoint.

The neckline is what I love about this dress. The gathered detail over the bust, the draping in the front of the skirt, the shaped waistband. This is the best of vintage to me, the combination of a feminine silhouette with beautifully executed details that are unusual and interesting.
Ooh I'm happy just thinking about it.
Now this was the inspiration for my dress, isn't it just Gorgeous! From the film 'The 7 Year Itch' I have been lusting after this dress since I first saw the film. I did make some adjustments due to limited time, but I hope I have retained the integrity of the look .

I know I know, strapless bra and no girdle was a disaster but I didn't notice until I saw the pictures later on. And if anyone can spot the tiny hole in my skirt you get 100 points. My friend had to sew it up in the kitchen as the guests were arriving (the memories!).

Considering I only had one week to make this dress, I am very proud of the result. The fabric took me hours of searching to find. I managed to get this polka dot crepe in Classic Textiles, Goldhawk road, London and it is perfect for the project!

This cool, fluid crepe was a dream to wear, ever in the incredible heat of Polish summer, and oh boy was it a hot one!

I am in love with straw sun hats since my holiday, unfortunately England is the land of drizzle and wind, so alas, sun hats are banished until a holiday abroad.

I had the best time in Poland, it is a beautiful country with friendly and kind people. The wedding was magical and the food was out of this world! A word to the wise, a Polish wedding is all about the vodka!
The vodka, the food and the dancing.

And I will leave you with the last shot of the glamorous reality of blogging, tip-toeing through grass so my heels don't get stuck.



Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Check Out The Białowieża Forest

I took full advantage of the Collectif sale recently, and this matching set is another of my fab bargains.

There is something about a matching set that calls to me, I feel so put together when I'm coordinated. And you get the added benefit that you can mix and match these pieces to create other outfits!

This beautiful building is the hunting lodge in Białowieża Forest. The palace was torn down, but this hunting lodge is still standing beautifully in the forest!

I just love the Lacey edges framing the building, so very pretty!

The Białowieża Forest borders Poland with Belarus. One of the oldest forests in Europe, it is very tranquil and extremely beautiful. Once the hunting ground of Russia's Tzar, the forest was preserved and protected for the royals and is the only reason that it still stands today.

I just love to sit by the water and watch the world go by!

I have worn the same simple white sandals all summer. I don't like to take much on holiday so try to choose my outfits wisely where I can use the same accessories.
 Same with the clutch, it is a vintage 50s clutch with a crocheted straw base with shiny white beads woven through. 
It was a bit of an effort scouring the internet for a clutch that was white, big enough for my essentials and neutral so that it goes with everything. It was worth the effort though, because I'm in love with this clutch!