Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Goodwood Revival

So of course after never having been to a car show, I went to two this summer. Goodwood Revival being the bigger, fancier and staggeringly busier of the two.

I sported a totally different look for the day to mix things up a bit.

I tried out a snood for the first time and winged this hairstyle the morning of the event. The snood stayed in place literally all day and kept my hair off my neck in the heat for which I was most grateful!

I'm soo happy with how this hairstyle came together. I don't always get the result I envisioned. 

My hair inspiration is from the Poirot episode 'three little pigs' those front rolls were too fabulous to ignore!

This suit is an original 40s suit I got on etsy a couple of years ago. I altered it to fit perfectly as the original suit was too big and very boxy. I didn't cut anything from inside though so it can be put back completely to its original state.

I just love this blue taffeta bow and the yolk and dart details are what draws me to vintage pieces.  

I brought this doctors bag that I was given as a child for playing hospital with my dolls. Though I use it for a sewing bag now because no stray pins are getting through that thick leather. 

Of course seamed stockings were a must!

Most people dressed up for the event. It was nice for once not to stand out in a crowd. Everyone was really excited to be there, such a positive, open atmosphere.

The car racing was slightly irrelevant for me (sorry to say). I was totally absorbed by the people around and forgot I was there for car racing. 

Planes on the other hand I do find extremely interesting. Especially a spitfire! There were a few flying overhead as we arrived. 

Of course the men were totally transfixed by the cars, as expected. I was surprised just how loud the racing would be. I take it for granted that modern cars are really quiet. 

I had my picture taken with loads of strangers throughout the day and they all asked permission first (people don't usually ask!)
The day was absolutely  brilliant! I had the most amazing time people watching. Every one there was very friendly and happy to be there.




  1. Love, LOVE your hair like this! I would love to give this hairstyle a go! Your 40s suit is so wonderful, you did a great job with the alteration and it fits you beautifully. I think of all the vintage events out there Goodwood is the one I would most like to attend :D

  2. Everyone's photos from Goodwood look so good! I have to go one year, love your outfit x

  3. Your hair is awesome! And I can't believe the skills of being able to take something that doesn't fit to making it look like it was made for you, without even cutting anything! I completely agree about the feeling of not standing out in what you're wearing - that's how I felt at the Back to the Future Secret Cinema event last year. It was an amazing feeling to see everyone else dressed like I do and feel part of something like that :)

  4. You looked so perfect for a car show! I just loved your beautiful vintage suit and you altered it perfectly to fit you! You hair looked amazing and I am so now interested in trying a snood out! :)


  5. Utterly gorgeous ensemble! That grey suit is a dream on you and partners so elegantly with navy blue. What a classic - and immensely classy - outfit. You're a vision, my dear!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. This grey 40s suit must be made for you ... It looks fabulous on you!

  7. I love the alterations you've made to that suit - it looks like it was tailor-made for you! I've never made it down to Goodwood but am determined to get there one year.

    Amazing hair too - an all-round excellent look missus!

  8. Christina, darling,
    you look absolutely stunning!
    Love everything about your look, the bow was a true hit - it compliments the outfit perfectly.You're among best dressed there, don't let anyone else tell you different. :)


  9. Love Love LOVE that suit on you..wow simply fantastic! I have always wanted to go to this event and have it on my bucket vintage events to attend before I die. Being from Canada it's not so simple.

    Great hair as well :)


  10. I hear about Goodwood from so many British vintage bloggers, it sounds like such an amazing time! I wish we had something of that scale near where I live, I would love to attend an event like that.
    Love the hair (and the Poirot inspo - such a fun show), and that fit on that suit is absolutely divine. You look so fabulous.
    I found your blog following a link on Vintage At Heart, by the way. She was right, your blog is so worth a read!
    Jessica, Zella Maybe

  11. I am so glad i found your blog, it's definetly worth following! You are beautiful, your hair is gorgeous and that suit is beyond words amazing! And what a fabulous event!

  12. Yes, I can vouch for the fact that Christina DID look wonderful at Goodwood Revival, and was truly authentic in her look and demeanour! Just beautiful...