Saturday, 19 September 2015

Hanworth Classic Car Show

The first ever car show I attended was the Hanworth Classic car show earlier this year. As someone who knows literally nothing about cars (and I mean nothing, I can't even identify what make they are) it may seem like a strange place to go, but an opportunity to dress up, where large props are just sitting there ready to be photographed- I see a perfect opportunity!

The skirt I made last winter in the hopes of a beautiful care free summer, but once I wore it out of the house, I suddenly realised just how poofy it is! Definitely too show stopping for a trip to the high street! So patiently it sat, waiting for just the right occasion.

It took me forever to hem this bad boy, I mis-calculated the fabric and used double accidentally, DOH! But it worked out perfect in the end, real twirly potential.

My Mrs Depew Beach Bustier. I made it with this outfit in mind but ended up wearing it with all sorts of other outfits. 

This image was my original inspiration for my outfit. The Horst exhibition itself was fabulous, but this image spoke to me! 

A '99' with a flake is a must on a summers day. I don't know if they even have this wonderful milky ice cream in other countries, but it is my favourite! I hear the ice cream van music and it hypnotises me!

I couldn't resist topping up my lippy in the car mirror! 

Ooh, look what's inside! No really, what is in there??? 

This caravan was one of my favourite vehicles. Super cute, and there was loads of photos and information about its restoration. 

Imagine sitting here eating lunch in the summer, even parked at the end of your garden as a summer house. I really want one!

This before shot is crazy! Someone put a lot of love and attention in to this beauty. 

See, serious twirling capabilities!

I really enjoyed the Hanworth Classic car show. It was a low key affair, but very relaxed and jovial. My perfect introduction to classic cars, and a fabulous opportunity to dress up!




  1. This skirt and top combination is beautiful, love the scalloped hem! I know absolutely nothing about cars either - but there's nothing like a beautiful classic car and maybe if all cars looked this good today I'd be quite a car buff :P

  2. I don't know anything about cars either but I love looking at beautiful old models - you don't need to know a thing to appreciate a work of art when you see one :) This skirt is also a work of art - it's so stunning! The whole outfit is beautiful; you're so talented! x

  3. Wow, that skirt! Incredible, and the hem is so pretty x

  4. What a fantastic skirt! Love the scalloped edge!!

  5. You look very at home sitting outside the caravan:) If you love old cars and dressing up in vintage style you should take a look at the Goodwood revival it is an absolute indulgence of all things nostalgic. Your skirt is an absolute work of art

  6. Epicly awesome skirt!!! I love this whole fun, creative, stylish ensemble, as well as how happy you look in all these photos. What a great intro to the world of classic cars - on the very off chance you're ever in Penticton during the end of June, we have a large annual show here and it would be so much fun to go with a fellow vintage wearer for a change.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  7. This skirt totally hits the nail! Wow, love it!

  8. That skirt is so unique and amazing! x

  9. Oh that skirt is just fab!! I love the extra, extra fullness and the scalloped hem is such a great way to finish it off and give and touch of uniqueness. The bustier top looks so good with it too ~ your outfit is gorgeous. ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill