Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Joining The Vintage Capsule Sewing Challenge.

I went to the Resort Exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum, for inspiration in making my mix and match 4 piece, vintage capsule wardrobe.
This sewing challenge is hosted by Rochelle at Lucky Lucille. I love a good sewing challenge because it gives me a much needed kick to get things done!

There were many Horrocks cotton 1950s garments. It's no surprise that it was the 50s pieces I was instantly in love with!
The elegance!!!

Florals are perfect for summer. I really love the matchy matchy floral idea!

Such a cute little matching jacket to complete this look.

Matching belts make any outfit looked polished!

Another very sweet matching jacket.

Illustrations from Horrocks. I like the idea of including an illustration with a fabric swatch for my projects - what a fantastic record. A book full of them would make an interesting read. Even pattern numbers could be included along with an outline of the event the garment is intended for.

The patterns that I have chosen from my stash, I'm hoping to get get a few vintage patterns used for this project, to catch up with my Vintage Sewing Pledge.
And the Poppy fabric and Bakalite buttons I will be using, just to tease you!

This will be my last summer outfit, ready for my holiday before the knitwear, cashmere and wool take over. 
I do wish I was excited about that prospect but the rain follows and that does me no favours!

I can't wait to share my finished result, spoiler alert- It is AMAZING!




  1. Can't wait to see it! How I would love a 4-piece.... x

  2. Oo looking forward to seeing your masterpiece! All these clothes look incredible and the picture of the playsuits reminded me that I actually started making one last year, but I haven't finished it! Maybe it'll be ready for next summer

  3. *Squeals* I can hardly wait to see it!!! Everything you make is AMAZING, dear gal!

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. How I love that rose print set!!! Very much looking forward to seeing what you create with that poppy fabric :D