Friday, 23 October 2015

Putting on the Ritz

The crème de last crème of all afternoon teas has got to be the Ritz!  I can see the sign, written in lights above the door, in my mind so clearly. With Hollywood starlets sacheying through the dining room, wearing bias cut satin and sipping champagne as the grande piano is played. All marble and gold leaf decor, what's not to dream about!

Ok- so I may have gone overboard with the description, but I was so excited to be finally going for tea at the Ritz!!!
 And it didn't disappoint!
(There really was a grand piano being played)

The staff were very accommodating, more so than anywhere else I have taken tea. They went out of their way to make sure we had everything we wanted.
 There was a live pianist playing throughout our tea who played mostly classic Disney songs. I'm a huge Disney fan so that was just lovely. 'The circle of life' in particular was very well done!

The whole ambiance really did give the afternoon a great sense of occasion. (I love a sense of occasion!)

The forget-me-not design on the china  was so sweet and dainty. And the brushed silver cutlery very elegant. 

I have never seen scones that all looked so identically perfect, but as I usually find if it looks too good to be true then it is. They were a little dry and tasteless. Also the jam was not home made. Tut tut, really could do better Ritz!

They did more than make up for it with the French patisseries though. All were immensely delicious! 

I'm a massive sandwich fan, these were particularly scrumptious! And I totally kept requesting refills.
 (Got to get my money's worth!) And no one complained about my excessive greed! Woo Hoo!!!

Grande! Oh so Grande!

All that glittering gold, every edge adorned so indulgently.

So much to look at, I was absorbed by my surroundings and the whole feel of the experience. You can't help but feel sophisticated surrounded by this level of luxury. 

Another hairstyle to add to my favourites!
I really like this look because it was really easy, and let's face it- quick and easy makes all hairstyling better!

 Of course, I wore gloves, if there ever was a glove wearing occasion - this was it! And a vintage fur stole had to be added for the glamorous finishing touch.
This outfit was totally unplanned, for once I managed to pull together a totally spontaneous look that worked. It usually ends up either too matchy matchy or clash central. I wasn't  disappointed at all with this look though, I was going for a sassy, trendy 50s debutante vibe here, and I reckon I hit the nail on the head. 

I made this little brooch from a tutorial on Lavender&Twill. So easy to make and it is really sweet. I'm planning a light pink version next.  

What an incredible place! It is difficult to explain the feeling of it all, but I felt full of excitement and joy while I was there. It is a must see for any one who gets the opportunity to go!

For The Ritz I would score as follows -
  1. Mise-en-scène - 5/5 - An opulent setting. Very impressive! 
  2. Tea - 4/5 - A nice selection of loose leaf teas, but I have had better Earl Grey else where. 
  3. Scones - 3/5 - The scones were beautiful, all looked exactly the same but lacking in flavour.
  4. Service - 5/5 - Attentive staff, unbeatable service!
  5. Value - 4/5 - ok it is expensive, but worth every penny! (50 pounds per person)

Total: 21/25 

I hope you enjoyed my little peek into a magical place!




  1. Tea at the Ritz - life goal unlocked! I definitely want to go some day, although shame about the scones. The scones are usually my favourite bit! Your outfit was perfect for the impressive setting x

  2. What a location to have tea in, you look wonderful! I do love a good afternoon tea x

  3. Oo, you went for the plunge! I had cocktails at the Ritz once, they were worth every penny of the £20 for the surroundings, and the free nibbles (also refilled...). Tea is still on my list - thanks for the review! You looked utterly fabulous by the way xx

  4. Love your tea posts, love your outfit posts, love your travel posts, and love your craft and sewing posts! Tea at the Ritz--fabulous! You look lovely and the photos and commentary on the ambiance and the meal were very interesting. Thanks for sharing! Christie

  5. This is the epitome of chic! You look fantastic! I especially love your flower brooch.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Ok, I think we should have a vintage bloggers tea in London, who's in?! Maybe in February because it's a dull month x

  7. I thought this brooch looked familiar - you did a fantastic job recreating Bonita's brooch! I agree with Cici, tea at the Ritz is a life goal of my own that I too should like to fulfill one day. Thank you for sharing this magical experience with us, everything looks so lovely and you looked so beautiful and elegant :) I want scones now!

  8. Oh, can I join in and say ~ yes please! One day I will have tea at the Ritz I hope, it's on the Life Goals list! I love your outfit, and squee! I'm so excited to see how your brooch turned out ~ it looks lovely! You did such a fabulous job creating your own version. :D ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  9. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award Christina, hope you haven't already done it! x