Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Autumn Leaves

The temperature here has dropped along with the leaves. It is a lovely time of year, when the colours are rich and the air is crisp.

It is necessary though, to dress appropriately. I often find that my personal style can go out of the window whilst trying to stay warm, so this look is my rendition of cosy elegance.
A look that is comfortable and warm but still looks classic.

I recently finished crocheting this scarf, I wanted a wider, longer scarf that I can wrap up high to snuggle in to.

In the colder months I'm always drawn to reading the classics!
And a leather bound hardback copy feels all the more luxury compared to my usual electronic Kindle device.

All that is missing is a Starbucks hot chocolate. With whipped cream and vanilla syrup thank you!
 That warms my cockles!

This outfit showcases my newest make. A teal, cashmere mix 1/2 circle skirt. Super easy to sew as the fabric is very stable and handles well. It uses half the fabric as a full circle skirt and is more manageable to wear everyday.
I would really like to wear this skirt with a petticoat sometime and try a less practical outfit.

Brrrrr..... it was very cold and windy for these pictures!

This scarf was super easy to crochet, it is basically one massive granny square.
(Please note that I only know how to crochet granny squares and nothing else at all!)

The Orange leaves are totally irresistible!
Isn't Autumn just charming!

Outfit Details
Hat- white Angola beret,Glitz4Girlz
Scarf- me made, granny square style, hand crocheted, with looped tassels 
Sweater- Collectif
Skirt- me made, 1/2 circle skirt in cashmere
Gloves- black leather, Marks and Spencer
Tights- grey, fleece lined, Primark
Boots-black leather, from Marks and Spencer
Brooch- vintage sweetheart locket brooch

Though this is more of a modern look than usual, I wanted to show something of my more practical, everyday clothing. There are only so many occasions that I can wear totally frivolous vintage looks.
I hope that I have managed to maintain a classic look.



Friday, 6 November 2015

Craftsy Course

I have always been a terrible knitter, and yet- look at what I knitted!!!

I followed a Craftsy course- 'My First Sweater'.
I found the course to be easy to understand, very clear and enjoyable to follow.

If you are not familiar with Craftsy, it is a website of video courses often focusing on one particular skill or project.  Once you pay for the course, all of the video content remains in your library for you to go back to at any time.

I shortened the pattern to make the length hit the waist. This is my favourite length and is very difficult to find in the shops. 

I played around with some embroidery around the neckline. The flowers work very well in the front, but not so well in the back. It was awkward trying to embroider on knitwear. I could do with a little more practice I think. 

I have used an assortment of autumnal shades for this cardigan to add to my small but slowly growing collection of colder weather clothing. 

I have an astoundingly small amount of colder weather clothing for someone who lives in a country that is basically winter for 9 months of the year! I'm hoping to rectify this with some cute cardigans in different colours. 

The button band was quite the challenge. I had to re do this quite a few times before I got it right. Once I figured it out, everything came together like a dream. 

I went with a bracelet length sleeve for a more elegant look, otherwise I always manage dirty cuffs with full length. 

The raglan sleeves were surprisingly easy. Infact overall the entire cardigan was very simple. The process was broken down into short steps that were explained in great detail. 

I had to get some shots by these autumn leaves. You can see my inspirational colour palate perfectly portrayed by nature. 

I can't recommend this course enough. I have always struggled to grasp knitting as I'm not great with all of the counting. Somehow I have managed to knit a beautiful little cardigan.

I don't want to take my new cardigan off, I feel like a little girl who wants to wear her new shoes to bed!

(I am in no way connected with Craftsy, and received no payment for this post. I just wanted to share with you all my new skill and how I managed it.)