Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Autumn Leaves

The temperature here has dropped along with the leaves. It is a lovely time of year, when the colours are rich and the air is crisp.

It is necessary though, to dress appropriately. I often find that my personal style can go out of the window whilst trying to stay warm, so this look is my rendition of cosy elegance.
A look that is comfortable and warm but still looks classic.

I recently finished crocheting this scarf, I wanted a wider, longer scarf that I can wrap up high to snuggle in to.

In the colder months I'm always drawn to reading the classics!
And a leather bound hardback copy feels all the more luxury compared to my usual electronic Kindle device.

All that is missing is a Starbucks hot chocolate. With whipped cream and vanilla syrup thank you!
 That warms my cockles!

This outfit showcases my newest make. A teal, cashmere mix 1/2 circle skirt. Super easy to sew as the fabric is very stable and handles well. It uses half the fabric as a full circle skirt and is more manageable to wear everyday.
I would really like to wear this skirt with a petticoat sometime and try a less practical outfit.

Brrrrr..... it was very cold and windy for these pictures!

This scarf was super easy to crochet, it is basically one massive granny square.
(Please note that I only know how to crochet granny squares and nothing else at all!)

The Orange leaves are totally irresistible!
Isn't Autumn just charming!

Outfit Details
Hat- white Angola beret,Glitz4Girlz
Scarf- me made, granny square style, hand crocheted, with looped tassels 
Sweater- Collectif
Skirt- me made, 1/2 circle skirt in cashmere
Gloves- black leather, Marks and Spencer
Tights- grey, fleece lined, Primark
Boots-black leather, from Marks and Spencer
Brooch- vintage sweetheart locket brooch

Though this is more of a modern look than usual, I wanted to show something of my more practical, everyday clothing. There are only so many occasions that I can wear totally frivolous vintage looks.
I hope that I have managed to maintain a classic look.




  1. Love the red lips with the teal! Classy and cosy x

  2. This outfit looks so cosy and warm but so very elegant - you are absolutely right, it can be hard trying to remain fashionable when keeping warm is your number one priority, but you have done very well. That scarf is beautiful, I love the tassels! I must say I am a bit jealous of your talk of cool crisp air and hot chocolate - today it's meant to get up to 38 and I'm melting :P Would happily swap places!

  3. A great classic look that also seems warm and cozy ~ that is definitely a bonus. The scarf you crocheted is amazing ~ the perfect accessory for cold winter days! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  4. Such a gorgeous outfit and you look so warm!! Beautiful photos with the Autumn leaves x

  5. I think this is a perfectly pretty casual winter look - and I adore the fluffy beret! x

  6. You look quite elegant, I think; simple and stylish. Is that Jane Eyre that you are reading?

    1. It definitely is Jane Eyre, fabulous book! Although I must admit I do also enjoy the films too!!!

  7. I adore this whole cozy, chic, classically pretty outfit, sweet dear. You look fabulous and have me wanting a chunky grey knit scarf sooo much now! :)

    Big hugs & happy last week of November wishes,
    ♥ Jessica