Wednesday, 2 December 2015

My First Vintage Coat

My first vintage coat! A milestone for me with wearing vintage. I'm really surprised by my choice, I usually opt for a closer fitting, princess style, but the colour called to me.

Such a lovely classic collar, and original plastic buttons. 

A coat must have pockets!! These are super chic, set secretly into the front seam.
And princess length sleeves... I'm in love!!!

Someone doesn't like ironing, that person is me! 

A duster coat was very popular in the late 50s to early 60s. It sits close to the body over the shoulders and bust but falls straight towards the hem. There is no waist definition at all which is what makes this an unusual choice for me. 

I had to get a cute vintage updo into the look. With so many layers being worn in the winter I do like to have hair up and out of the way, wih the added benefit of a sprinkle of glamour.

I need to practice hiding Bobby pins, but I think as long as the pins match it doesn't really matter. Especially for a casual, everyday kind of a look. I can even get away with this hairstyle at work without any raised eyebrows, which is a plus.

A brooch instantly adds sparkle to any garment, I love the gold teamed with burgundy.

My concern with a red coat would be what colours to wear with it. But much like a red lipstick, you just put it with everything and somehow it just works!!!

Outfit details
Coat- vintage, beyond retro
Brooch- vintage, gift
Earrings- vintage, bang bang clothing exchange
Scarf- hand crocheted by me
Handbag- coach
Trousers- granny section, marks and Spencer's
Gloves- marks and Spencer's
Boots-marks and Spencer's

I don't own many vintage pieces. I am very particular about damage which can be an issue when buying vintage. But surprisingly for something of this age, the garment is in pretty good condition. And by golly is it warm! 
Snug as a bug in a rug!




  1. Hi! I love this coat! The fit, details and color are wonderful! I just starting wearing vintage again and finally bought my first vintage coat a few weeks ago. I since then have ordered several and just wore a bright red one today. But it's not as lovely as the one you have :)

    <3 Leigh

  2. Beautiful! I also go for definition around the waist but I agree that this shape totally works. You look fab! x

  3. You look darling, darling. This look is so familiar and comfortable to me. A hair-do that is really done. You have made me smile.

  4. What a cosy cutie you are in that fab red coat! Love the hair too. I rarely do up-dos, as I stuff my hair in a hat to keep it dry on the way to work! Lots of rain in Wales... xx

  5. Yes - an elegant red coat goes with everything - you really can't go wrong whatever colour or print you choose to wear! And how I do love a red coat with a red lip - simple, timeless elegance. You look beautiful :)

  6. I never wear coats that don't tie in at the waist either, but I could be persuaded for this beauty! The colour is amazing, so classic and stunning. You look fab x

  7. Lovely--you are making me want a red coat now, even though I've been planning to get a silver one. Your coat looks great on you.

  8. This is gorgeous! What a great way to start with vintage coats! I like to accentuate the waist as well, but sometimes with a beautiful princess seamed piece like this one ~ it doesn't seem to matter because it is still sooo flattering. Simply dreamy! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  9. What a bold, beautiful crimson coat. It looks sensational on you, dear gal, and a might bit cozy, too.

    Big hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica