Monday, 29 February 2016

Rago lingerie

I have slowly been converting my wardrobe into a more everyday, wearable vintage collection, instead of just a few special pieces that rarely get worn.

I have got to that point where I have a wardrobe I'm pretty proud of,
my handmade pieces, as well as my repro and true vintage garments.

I now really want to fine tune my look, and that is where Rago Lingerie comes in.

Modern bras just don't give the right shape.
I hate how modern bras give me hideous back fat! Yuck! And the cups are too round- Silhouette totally destroyed immedietly.

Rago was a game changer for me. 
I first got their Waist Cincher to wear with a modern strapless bra to eradicate any trace of back fat and it worked an absolute treat.  Thank you CiCi Marie for the awesome recommendation. 

Once I have a product I love, I'm all for exploring the brand's range and trying out their other products. So I then infested in the Open bottom girdle set 1359 (which is shown in these pictures).
Well of course a vintage girl loves a matching set, so I had to have the matching Rago women's long line bra
And Voila!- a gorgeous, comfortable and vintage appropriate base for all of my cute little vintage dresses.

I would like to interrupt myself here to preach to you all about the importance of underwear. Especially for curvy girls!
 After all, you can't build a house on an unsound foundation.
Same principle applies, work from the inside out and your final silhouette will be flawless.

No back fat to be seen, I know first world problem, but the struggle is real!

Smoothes and sculpts whilst remaining comfortable and flexible.

My one gripe with the girdle would be that there are only 6 stocking clips so my stockings tended to droop a little when wearing throughout the day. I have remedied this by adding an additional 4 clips myself and nothing slips at all.

The unclear sizing did annoy me, so for anyone interested in sizing,
I bought the -
X-Large panty girdle and I wear a UK size 14
34 D long line bra and I wear UK size 32F in modern bras
My measurements are bust- 41 1/2, waist- 31, hips- 44
I do wish they offered a wider range of sizes in the long line bra, it seems strange that a 34 is the smallest back size they offer, and the cup sizes run super large but D is their biggest cup size.

The long line bra has now become my favourite! It is very comfortable, no underwires digging in, the cups give great uplift and the long line style encourages good posture.

A lot of the reviews I read about the bra said that the cups were too pointy, I found them to only give a slightly perky, defined look, nothing pointy at all. I'm not quite ready for pointy Madonna boobs so this is a good inbetween shape.

So now I'm dreaming of their whole range!

If anyone has any recommendation of vintage style shape wear or long line bras, I would love a recommendation!!



This is not a sponsored post, I bought my lingerie off amazon and haven't taken it off since, well I mean I have been washing it.

Monday, 22 February 2016

The Slipper Fits

For the first ball I attended I wanted A dress that would make an entrance, but wasn't overly grande that I would never wear it again.
 So I whipped up this little beauty from McCalls 5289 pattern. I have used this pattern before for my favourite dress ever here
As far as I am concerned, if you love a particular dress, why not have it in every colour imaginable!!! 

As you can see it was a Christmas ball and I have only just got around to posting now, bad blogger award!
 But as they say 'life is what happens while we are making plans'

I used a pretty powder blue, silk organza, overlaid on a pink satin to create depth of colour with a wide hem to add a little more interest than one solid fabric.
Note to self- there is no stretch or give in organza, at all! So go a little bigger!!!

Cinderella shoes were of course compulsory for a princess look.
Everyone must have a pair of princess shoes knocking about somewhere at the back of a wardrobe, no, just me then?

I had the most beautiful head piece made by a very talented friend.
 She used fabrics left over from my dress so that it matched perfectly.
The pearls and silver sequins bring a touch of glamour and sparkle that is irresistible. 

I'm not a massive hat wearer and am only just starting to incorporate some headwear into my wardrobe. Hats (although this is not quite a hat) really finish off an outfit flawlessly and give the whole look more polish. So I think my headwear game will need to be upped this year. 

Outfit details

Dress-me made
Fur coat- Belonged to my great grandmother
Shoes- Disney store
Bag-Etsy, Vintage
Gloves- Beyond Retro, Vintage
Necklace- Belinged to my mother
Headpiece- Handmade 
Belt- H&M

This is the most formal garment I have ever worn, and it was a lot of fun to make, but as you can imagine, working with more delicate fabrics is time consuming.
French seams were worth the effort for a more professional look on the sheer fabric.
I often take shortcuts when sewing for myself because who else will ever see inside, but I do always regret it, so for this one I did everything as I should and took my time. 

Located at the Marriott hotel, London, the ball was an indulgent affair. 
As you can see, there were a huge number of people.

The ball room was sublime!
So much SPARKLE!

I am incredible pleased with my princess dress and hope for the occasion to wear it again, perhaps styled more casually for a daytime occasion. It would potentially work for a garden party or for afternoon tea somewhere frivolous.

Of course in true cinderella fashion I flittted away well before the clock struck midnight.



Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The looking Glass

I am definitely the worst vintage shopper!
Shocking for someone loves vintage I know, but vintage shopping is hard work, it takes a long time to sort through racks of creased, tiny clothes to find a few options to try on.
Let alone the disappointment of when you find that perfect dress that you thought was your size, got your heart set on it and then you can't even pull it over your head!--At this point I'm just happy if I can get out of the dress without calling the poor shop girl to try and yank me out of it.
 (Note to self, wear matching lingerie when vintage shopping, just in case)

Which leads me on to introduce my best vintage shopping experience ever.
I visited Bridgnorth, Shropshire with a friend, to stay with her family and she thought a bit of vintage would be right up my alley.

She was right!

Oh boy was she right

Drum roll please for .....

'The Looking Glass'

First of all they sell lots of vintage style jewellery and accessories for those who are not so keen on the used aspect of vintage, but still want some glamorous finishing touches.
  I was looking for the old stuff so I scurried right through...

And here we have the treasure!
Let me first draw your attention to the clean, ironed and neatly hung up stock!

Secondly, all of the garments have sizing on the hanger so you look straight for your size- no falling in love with the teensy teensy dresses!!!

I saw this dress on the mannequin and I loved it!
The print is adorable, fantastic colours, and there is a bow!!!

Every item has a little label of measurements for you to compare to your own, and no nasty surprises later because all damage or wear to the piece is listed on the label.
Stress free vintage, do you believe it!!!

The variety of booty here was incredible, especially for such a small shop.

I bought this fantastic cotton 50s sun dress, it fits me perfectly as I  knew it would from the measurements and I can't wait for summer so I can pull it out. 

I'm not a massive hat person, although im slowly acquiring a taste for them, but there was some serious hats here.

I just wanted to share a quick post with you all to show that vintage shopping isn't always a complete nightmare, you just have to go to the right places!

What has your experience of vintage been like???

X O X O 


P.S. This was not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share my unusual good experience with you all. 

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The Wallace Collection.

The Wallace Collection is a gallery in a grande London townhouse.
It is hidden behind Oxford Street and is a fantastic cultural haven.

I popped in for a visit on a sunny January morning and wore a warm, comfortable outfit.
I have a thing for grey at the moment, it is an easy to incorporate neutral colour.

Outfit details:
Cardigan: Me made
T-shirt: Newlook
Scarf: Me made
Skirt: Me made
Tights: Marks and Spencer
Brogues: Clarks
Earrings: Vintage

The inside the house is totally frivolous with silk walls, marble fire places and gold gilding on just about everything.

There are some very unusual artefacts to peruse.

I'm in love with this crown!
I'm wondering how it could be incorporated into my everyday attire.

Everything in the house is totally frivolous and beautiful.
Each room is adorned with frills and fussieness that I have rarely seen matched.

'The Swing' by Jean-Honore Fragonard is the most recognizable painting on display as one of the masterpieces of the Rococo era.

Of course I can pretend the purpose of my visit was to absorb some culture (it partially was) but I must admit tea and cake are always my real motivation.

The restaurant offers alfresco dining in a pretty courtyard that is sheltered under a glass ceiling.  It feels like dining in a quaint Italian square.

I would usually do a review of my afternoon tea experience, but as it was such a casual affair and cannot compare with luxury London hotels, I will give the review a miss this time.

Although delicious, this was definitely not a scone!
I'm going to call it a biscuit because it was crunchy- and a very enjoyable biscuit it was too!

Sweet treats are a must at any cultural outing!

I really need to make more of an effort to get out of the house and explore in the winter. In the colder months I lose motivation for just about everything, but once I get out and about there is so much to do!