Monday, 29 February 2016

Rago lingerie

I have slowly been converting my wardrobe into a more everyday, wearable vintage collection, instead of just a few special pieces that rarely get worn.

I have got to that point where I have a wardrobe I'm pretty proud of,
my handmade pieces, as well as my repro and true vintage garments.

I now really want to fine tune my look, and that is where Rago Lingerie comes in.

Modern bras just don't give the right shape.
I hate how modern bras give me hideous back fat! Yuck! And the cups are too round- Silhouette totally destroyed immedietly.

Rago was a game changer for me. 
I first got their Waist Cincher to wear with a modern strapless bra to eradicate any trace of back fat and it worked an absolute treat.  Thank you CiCi Marie for the awesome recommendation. 

Once I have a product I love, I'm all for exploring the brand's range and trying out their other products. So I then infested in the Open bottom girdle set 1359 (which is shown in these pictures).
Well of course a vintage girl loves a matching set, so I had to have the matching Rago women's long line bra
And Voila!- a gorgeous, comfortable and vintage appropriate base for all of my cute little vintage dresses.

I would like to interrupt myself here to preach to you all about the importance of underwear. Especially for curvy girls!
 After all, you can't build a house on an unsound foundation.
Same principle applies, work from the inside out and your final silhouette will be flawless.

No back fat to be seen, I know first world problem, but the struggle is real!

Smoothes and sculpts whilst remaining comfortable and flexible.

My one gripe with the girdle would be that there are only 6 stocking clips so my stockings tended to droop a little when wearing throughout the day. I have remedied this by adding an additional 4 clips myself and nothing slips at all.

The unclear sizing did annoy me, so for anyone interested in sizing,
I bought the -
X-Large panty girdle and I wear a UK size 14
34 D long line bra and I wear UK size 32F in modern bras
My measurements are bust- 41 1/2, waist- 31, hips- 44
I do wish they offered a wider range of sizes in the long line bra, it seems strange that a 34 is the smallest back size they offer, and the cup sizes run super large but D is their biggest cup size.

The long line bra has now become my favourite! It is very comfortable, no underwires digging in, the cups give great uplift and the long line style encourages good posture.

A lot of the reviews I read about the bra said that the cups were too pointy, I found them to only give a slightly perky, defined look, nothing pointy at all. I'm not quite ready for pointy Madonna boobs so this is a good inbetween shape.

So now I'm dreaming of their whole range!

If anyone has any recommendation of vintage style shape wear or long line bras, I would love a recommendation!!



This is not a sponsored post, I bought my lingerie off amazon and haven't taken it off since, well I mean I have been washing it.


  1. Well hello there gorgeous lady posing in your scanties! You're all angelic, and I'm more devilish in my latest blog post, we're opposites this week! Such dreamy photos, you have some great lighting here to show off your fab figure and lovely blonde locks.

    I have a real issue trying to find vintage style bras that fit my tiny chest. What Katie Did styles are too pointy, I just can't fill the cups! And I can't wear non-padded bras for the same reason, they just look awful on me. I thought I was condemned to a life of very '90s padded plunge bras, which for some reason fit well on me, but I recently found a great compromise - an M&S smoothing balcony bra. It has lace wings at the back to suppress back fat, the cups aren't overly padded, and it definitely gives a more retro shape on me. I've bought two!

    Stunning photos, and I'm tempted to try a bit of Rago myself xx

    1. I love M&S, I'm not surprised they win again! I loved your dark and sultry shoot, we are ying and yang this week.

  2. I have the same bra! And I have to agree, it really is a game changer. It does such an amazing job creating that vintage shape, and it really is very comfortable. I'm planning getting a new one soon, and I'd love to get a different color than white.
    Fabulous photos, by the way. You look like such a bombshell!
    Jessica, Zella Maybe

    1. Have you seen the yellow, mint, lavender and pink versions? They are dyed at home from the white version. I am so tempted to dye a rainbow is these!!

  3. You are a total bombshell! I haven't tried rago but it looks like it's really good. I'm glad that you found the perfect undergarments, it's always a relief to find something that works well for your figure and wardrobe. x

  4. Yay, so happy to hear one of my recommendations has sparked a new obsession - I'm all for clothing obsessions ;) And I'm now convinced I need to own the rest of the Rago range too. I LOVE my cincher, after all. I wouldn't get along with the bra though I don't think - I'm a 28F!! I'm cast aside from all pretty bras, from WKD to Dita... so sad :( x

  5. Rago are amazing! The Triumph Doreen is a fabulous bra as well for a vintage shape, especially if you can track down the longline one.

  6. Truly gorgeous! You can't beat the classic lines that Rago's offerings impart. Than you for this wonderfully lovely review post. For longline bras, Sears usually carries an assortment of brands at very reasonable prices (I wear longline bras at least 95% of the time, especially since I personally find them far more comfortable than most other styles, and have gotten some there over the years).

    Joyful start of March wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  7. I have yet to invest in some Rago shapewear, and now I can see that I'd need the long line bra and the girdle because this set is smokin' on you doll! I am very much inclined to splurge as soon as I possibly can. {The unmentionables drawer is excessively embarrassing currently!} It's great to read how they are working for you, so thank you for sharing. ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  8. What a fantastic set, swoon! Wow they look really comfortable - what an experience. I am in the market for See Through Lingerie. isn't it cool ?

  9. You look HOT!! You rock a body con!!! xx
    Mary Montoya

  10. I absolutely love the Rago range! It's very effective, and as you've shown, they're something you wouldn't be ashamed or embarrassed to be seen in (in the right circumstances!). One important point about shapewear is that if it's uncomfortable, you're wearing the wrong size and/or the wrong garment.

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  13. I know this post was over a year ago, but I stumbled across it when hunting for long line bras. Sadly Rago don't do my size (34 GG - UK). No one does. Seems the highest cup size I have found for a real (to the waist) Long line bra is a G but the back size was 38! So frustrating as like you I would like to smooth out everything and modern bras are sooooo uncomfortable. I think I shall have to hand make my own long line bra.
    You look amazing.