Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The looking Glass

I am definitely the worst vintage shopper!
Shocking for someone loves vintage I know, but vintage shopping is hard work, it takes a long time to sort through racks of creased, tiny clothes to find a few options to try on.
Let alone the disappointment of when you find that perfect dress that you thought was your size, got your heart set on it and then you can't even pull it over your head!--At this point I'm just happy if I can get out of the dress without calling the poor shop girl to try and yank me out of it.
 (Note to self, wear matching lingerie when vintage shopping, just in case)

Which leads me on to introduce my best vintage shopping experience ever.
I visited Bridgnorth, Shropshire with a friend, to stay with her family and she thought a bit of vintage would be right up my alley.

She was right!

Oh boy was she right

Drum roll please for .....

'The Looking Glass'

First of all they sell lots of vintage style jewellery and accessories for those who are not so keen on the used aspect of vintage, but still want some glamorous finishing touches.
  I was looking for the old stuff so I scurried right through...

And here we have the treasure!
Let me first draw your attention to the clean, ironed and neatly hung up stock!

Secondly, all of the garments have sizing on the hanger so you look straight for your size- no falling in love with the teensy teensy dresses!!!

I saw this dress on the mannequin and I loved it!
The print is adorable, fantastic colours, and there is a bow!!!

Every item has a little label of measurements for you to compare to your own, and no nasty surprises later because all damage or wear to the piece is listed on the label.
Stress free vintage, do you believe it!!!

The variety of booty here was incredible, especially for such a small shop.

I bought this fantastic cotton 50s sun dress, it fits me perfectly as I  knew it would from the measurements and I can't wait for summer so I can pull it out. 

I'm not a massive hat person, although im slowly acquiring a taste for them, but there was some serious hats here.

I just wanted to share a quick post with you all to show that vintage shopping isn't always a complete nightmare, you just have to go to the right places!

What has your experience of vintage been like???

X O X O 


P.S. This was not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share my unusual good experience with you all. 


  1. Love your dress! I am impressed with how neat and organised "The Looking Glass" is. Sadly in South Africa true vintage shops are rare and the only hope at finding a jewel is if you have/had a granny who kept some of her vintage clothes...

  2. That sundress is a delight on you! Just lovely. Now that sounds like my kind of shop - if I ran one I'd have measurements on each label too, I follow quite a few vintage shops on Instagram and it drives me mad that they don't bother mentioning size with anything, even with shoes?! It would take them literally 60 seconds per item, but would save the customer so much time. That's worth its weight in gold - I get very fed up shopping for true vintage. Generally if I find 'true vintage' at all it's nestled among rails of Primark, and the label just reads 'vintage dress', really unhelpfully!! I tend to buy mainly repro these days for those reasons. A little gem of a shop though, and not tooo far from me, I may have to visit it! xx

  3. What an absolute Treasure trove of goodies! I love the dress :)

  4. If all vintage shops were like this I'd actually shop real vintage a LOT more than I currently do (which is sometimes online, virtually never in an actual shop). If only it wasn't so far away from me! That dress is a beauty x

  5. What a dress!!! I can't wait to see it on you in summer - what an outfit post that will be :D
    This truly does look like a treasure trove of a shop, that hat selection is pretty fantastic. Where I live there aren't any shops dedicated to vintage, just op shops which can be a hit or miss - hence the reason I love my repro.

    Deco Darling

  6. Your dress is so lovely--congratulations on your find! I have had some luck finding good vintage locally, but it is difficult in a rural area. Sounds like you might be visiting Shropshire again? Those fur stoles look tempting! Christie

  7. That shop looks fabulous! The dress you bought is beautiful, and the fit couldn't be more perfect. Absolutely lovely.
    I'm actually pretty lucky in that my city is pretty vintage friendly, and my neighborhood is a bit of a hot spot for vintage shopping. There are 6 shops selling vintage clothing within about 6 blocks of my house, and two of them are beyond amazing. My wallet isn't quite so thrilled about the proximity, though...

  8. I've blogged before about my bug bears with vintage shops, lack of measurements being one of them! It's not difficult to whip out a tap measure after all. That sun dress is gorgeous.

  9. I live about 20 minutes away from this shop, isn't it just incredible! I could look through those dresses for hours!! X

  10. What an incredibly beautiful, and expertly stocked, looking shop. That's the kind of old school store that it would take a team of wild horses (and then some) drag me away from. Thank you for letting us all come along on your visit with you. It was a sincere pleasure!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  11. I know where I'm going next week! Lovely shop! I need a new hat (when does a lady NOT need a new hat!) I love your great photographs of this place you've found!

  12. hello,ciao Christina,
    Wow...the cotton 50s sun dress is Great on You...cheers!