Friday, 15 April 2016

Sorbet Dream

Another of my outfit solutions for cold spring weather!
Wearing beautiful spring tones but in a thicker weight fabric. 
Why did I not think of it before??? 

I can't believe I don't have a vintage 50s suit, I mean it is a wardrobe staple, surely!! (Don't call me Shirley!)

I wasn't feeling quite up to making a traditional tailored jacket because of the time frame involved, so I chose this much softer look. 

I used vintage vogue pattern V2934 for this jacket. I cut the size medium, without any adjustments. Woo Hoo!
Super easy to sew up, a lot of hand stitching involved so very therapeutic, for me at least. 
It is very cape like in its shape, with a luxurious drape at the hem. 

I love how the jacket is shorter in the front and significantly longer in the back.
The thick cashmere I used worked wonderfully and holds the shape of the folds well. 

This is my favourite outfit that I have made in quite some time.
 I love the coral and felt very sophisticated wearing it. 
And the benefit of a suit is that the two pieces are able to be worn separately to create different looks. 

I made the little hat in matching fabric.  
I can't help but to love matching everything where possible.
Tutorial for this hat coming soon.  

This colour is so much fun to wear! 

I absolutely love fabric covered buttons to give that elegant vintage touch.
Combined with a bound button hole, the look ended up very polished. 

I finished the cuffs and front with hand stitched edging.
It is a very simple jacket so I wanted the details to be elegant and well executed. 

I contrasted the coral with turquoise and mint tones and I'm thrilled with the result.

Outfit details
Jacket- Me Made V2934
Skirt- Me Made, self drafted
Hat- Me Made, tutorial coming soon...
Top- Charity Shop
Shoes- Agnes and Norman 
Earrings- Vintage
Sunglasses- Accesorize

I finally feel like I'm achieving a more cohesive style. A wardrobe full of things I love to wear instead of  a huge pile of things that don't fit or flatter me and I can't bear to wear one more time. 

It is a fantastic feeling to open your wardrobe and be inspired by your selection!




  1. Luscious suit, I love the natty little hat too, just the perfect finishing touch! You're very clever. I've only just realised in recent years that I should buy warm things in Spring colours, to cheer me up and make me feel like I've had some kind of wardrobe transition but don't feel the cold from too-thin fabrics. It really does work, I've been wearing a pastel pink wool coat and it's made me feel so Springy, yet is keeping me warm. xx

  2. Absolutely adore this outfit!

    I definitely resonate with a lot of things you mentioned- especially in the end when you talked about actually being happy and inspired when you look at your clothing selection. 2016 has been a great year for me to go down that path as well- I feel 100& better with my clothing selection than have I have in a long time.

    Either way, your two piece set looks fantastic on you, and the color is great! And so much hand stitching!

    Looking forward to reading the tutorial for the little fascinator- I could definitely use one!

  3. hello,ciao...great suit! great colour and spring time! so lovely!...great work!

  4. Lovely suit, the colour is perfect for spring! Can't wait for the hat tutorial, it's so cute x

  5. Such a gorgeous suit and it looks so comfortable too! Love that colour, you look amazing x

  6. Adorable! and that hat just finishes the look so perfectly!

  7. The suit is so beautiful and the colour looks amazing on you!


  8. This colour is so beautiful on you! I love coral, but I'm not sure if I could rock it head to toe like you can. I'm endlessly impressed with your sewing skills - and forever jealous! It would take a lot of lessons to get me capable of making a head to toe outfit. Le sigh... x

  9. This is such a wonderful suit. I really think the fit and that LUSCIOUS color makes it absolutely unique and perfect for warming spring weather. And the matching hat! I keep thinking I need to make more hats to look even more authentic. You've done a wonderful job, dear.

  10. Oh my word, this really is a dreamy, head turningly gorgeous outfit. Wow, wow and wow again! Incredible work on the suit. It's magazine worthy and then some!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  11. This outfit just instantly brings to mind something one of Hitchcock's leading ladies would wear, you did a fantastic job! I love the apricot shade and how incredibly flattering and sophisticated you look, no doubt you got many admiring looks walking down the street in this!

    Deco Darling

  12. The coral is so lovely! This suit looks fantastic, and of course ~ I can't go past the matching hat! To perfect! I love pastels for all seasons, and if I can find pastel clothing in warmer fabrics, I am all over that ~ I feel like it helps to combat winter gloom ~ or spring-that-won't-arrive-gloom! :D ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  13. I love the "sorbet" colour, thinking about it for mesel.

    Again inspirational,