Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Spring in the Air (well, almost!)

Spring is finally here, and yet, if I'm honest, it is still nippy out! 
I'm itching to wear my lovely summer frocks, so I'm attempting to incorporate them with a bit of layering, until the sun really shows us some love here in the UK.
(Maybe this year will be the year that we finally have a real summer)

Outfit details
Dress- Vintage from Through the Looking Glass
Wrap top- me made- Gerties Butterick B6285
Brooch & Earring set- Bowandcrossbones
Coat- Vintage- Beyond Retro
Scarf-me made

After seeing this wrap top (Butterick B6285) being made up by numerous sewing bloggers, I had to give it a go. I took advice from Tasha from Bygumbygolly and made this first version up with wider sleeves and shorter waist ties. 
In general it is a very cute top, totally wearable! Really best worn over a dress though, unless the bodice is lengthened significantly or your intention is to bare midriff (not in this weather!)

The only issue I had with the pattern is the back is a bit short and the hem keeps popping out from under the waist ties, very annoying.
I don't like garments that you have to fiddle with throughout the day, so next time I will lengthen the back significantly. 

Fiddling problems aside, I am really happy with how this project turned out because it was my first project using knit fabric. 
Totally different than sewing woven fabrics but not more difficult. 
Yay knits aren't scary after all! 

I did a little pattern review over on The Homemade Pinup blog if you wanted any more pattern and sewing info.

This Carnation print is very sweet, I'm in a very floral mood at the moment especially combined with vintage cotton sun dresses.

 With tights and a wrap top or cardigan, summer dresses can be almost practical whilst a chill remains in the air. 

Ok, in reality I did still need a coat and scarf, but we can make believe that I diddnt. 

Whitstable castle was the location for these pictures, and picture taking definitely requires refreshments! 

Definitely the biggest afternoon tea ever!
(Though with pies and quiche it was technically High Tea)

Such dainty delights!

And lots of savoury for my Mr.
He doesn't eat sweets so I eat them all!

I have been trying to up my vintage game and make more effort in my outfits and hairstyling now that the sun has awoken me from hibernation. 
I recently started using setting lotion to give my curls more hold and I'm never going back!! 
Bouncy curls are my best friend at the moment and I have finally found a hairstyle that works for me (long lasting and easy to achieve!). 

Happy Spring Everyone!! 

X O X O 



  1. It's kind of funny - we both have the same problem, only opposite - you want to wear summer dresses and I'm desperate to bust out my swing pants and cardigans. I do hope that you get a real summer this year, and hopefully I will have a real winter...well all I'm asking for is a little frost and a few days under 20 degrees. That top turned out fantastic, it looks like it will go with a lot of different outfits! I am drooling over the high tea - the strawberry parfaits look delicious, and yay for having a partner that won't fight you for the sweets hehehe!

  2. That looks like the most wonderful place to visit and I am drooling over the food! I love that wrap top, I want one! The dress and coat are gorgeous too! So pretty x

  3. Oh no, you may have just jinxed the summer... Please let us have one this year, please!! I have way more summer than winter clothes and some have never even seen the light of day... Anyway, I think that top's great and I like how you matched it to some grey tights. I don't have grey tights, but I really should! I used to wear grey so much when I was younger I think I went off it for a while, but maybe it's time again now... x

  4. Likewise, I am so desperate to get my dresses out! I keep attempting to wear them then regretting it when I get outside. Hopefully it won't be much longer until we can bring out those beauties again! You look lovely in these photos x

  5. Fabulously lovely outfit! Aren't wrap tops (and dresses) the best? The older I get, the more I melt for them. I really like how you married grey and red here. So pretty!!!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  6. I say, Whitstable Castle looks like a super day out, especially with such a spread for afternoon tea! Can I come next time?! I am glad to see you wearing that dress, I've been popping back to that shop's facebook page and wondering how to plan a trip that's vaguely near it so I can innocently call in whilst saying to my husband "gosh, look, there's a nice looking vintage shop, what are the chances?!".
    That top is really lovely, at first I thought it was one from Lady K Loves, they make something similar. Well done for trying to shoehorn Spring in - I have to be honest that the past few days I've resorted back to the winter scarf and boots, it's been bloomin' freezing!! xx P.S. Hair is fab!!

  7. Enjoyed your whole post. Such a lovely outfit--you are a talented seamstress. You've given me ideas about how to jump start my own summer outfits here in chilly Vermont. And your hair looks so pretty; I was admiring your curls throughout the post. :) That tea looks pretty delicious, too. Thanks for sharing your outing. Christie

  8. This is a wonderful outfit. The top, skirt, and shoes work perfectly together -- and even your makeup and red nail polish are on point. When you add in the lovely location, you have perfection.

  9. hello,'s very nice!...the wrap top is a work of Art and wearing this look you bring the sunshine...cheers!

  10. Love how this came out! When I originally saw the pattern for this, I wasn't very impressed, but the more I see it sewn up the more it grows on me. I looked at the By Gum By Golly post on this and lengthening this is such a good idea.

    And I totally understand about the weather! It's been similar in San Francisco and my layering game is on point.

  11. What a lovely outfit! I adore the colour you picked for the wrap top. The grey works really well with the brighter colours in the skirt :)