Monday, 23 May 2016

Polka dots, Blossoms and Butterick 1590

I have only recently acquired a couple of pink garments. It wasn't an intentional additional, I just happend to come across a couple of super cute garments and they happened to be pink. This cardigan being one of them (and my favourite one!)

How did I never wear pink before?
 Pink rocks! 

This was a completely unplanned outfit, which is unusual for me (I will sew a garment with an outfit in my mind before even finish it) and it came together beautifully. 

Keeping in mind that spring in general is not very hot here in the UK, a cute cardigan is a must have. 
This is my first vintage knit wear. I have been a little put off by vintage knits in the past as they can be a lot less figure hugging and more bulky than the fine modern jersey knits I buy. 
But I couldn't resist this cutie with the sweet pink shade and delicate stripe. 
After wearing it, I realise that I was just being silly about my fear of vintage knits. 

Outfit details
Cardigan- Vintage from Frocks in Swing Time
Top- Me made Butterick 1590
Skirt- Me made from Gerties book for better sewing
Shoes- Agnes and Norman
Necklace- Absolute pearls
Brooch- Handmade on Etsy by Alice Negri
Earrings- Vintage from Bow and Crossbones
Bangle- Frocks in Swing time
Bag- Russell and Bromley

Isn't that hand knit beautiful! 

I know bangles are big on the vintage scene, but this the first one I have worn. I can see now why they are so popular. 
Effortless accessorising! 

I love this look for its versatility! 
Not super dressy that I feel out of place but dressy enough that I feel elegantly sophisticated. 

Photos taken in the park, the day after it rained, well, high heels were a laughable choice! 

This blouse is my most recent make. I used Butterick 1590. 
This pattern is a really nice, super easy project. 

I cut the size 14 which was the largest size in the envelope. Turned out to be too small, doh!
I just added 1/2 inch to the side seams of each pattern piece from shoulder to hem and it worked a treat! 

I diddnt manipulate the neckline at all, or do any fancy techniques and it sewed up perfectly flat. 

I have to mention this lovely brooch! 
It was handmade by a very talented lady through her etsy shop Alice Negri. I asked her to pick any picture of me from my blog and this is the result. 
Utter perfection!!! 

Of course I used pearl snaps!
 It's not that I hate buttons, really I love cute buttons, but sewing them on... So close to finishing a garment and yet so far away from ever sewing on those little things with my sausage fingers!

No sleeves to set in, so very quick!
I usually shy away from capped sleeves as they make my arms look bigger, but as this is a soft, looser fitting sleeve, I'm happy with the shape. 

The waist was on the roomy side. Probably could have nipped it in a good inch and a half. But most things I own are very tight fitting at the waist and sometimes it's nice to have a little more space. 

I hope you all have time to stop and enjoy the season. Whatever season your in! 

The blossoms here are irresistibly sweet!

X O X O 



  1. You look so beautiful among the blossoms! This is going to sound so silly but I've actually been terrified of wearing anything with peplum my whole life, and seeing this outfit on you has made me realise how truly foolish I have been because your figure looks amazing. An absolutely terrific outfit!

  2. I cannot wear pink but I adore seeing but on others and it really suits you. The peplum top really works too. Altogether a lovely resemble! Kx

  3. Gorgeous springtime look! Pink totally rocks, I concur! It's my all-time favourite colour and one that I'll never tire of filling my wardrobe and home alike with.

    Your custom brooch is incredibly cool. I'm off to check out that seller at once. Thank you for the lovely introduction.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. I love everything about this pink mix ensemble! Pink and I have a love-hate relationship. I quite like pinks but pinks hate me and my skin tone. I was thinking of giving a couple different shades of pink another go again thanks to this post because you just look so lovely in many shades of pink!

  5. A really cute springtime outfit! I love all the colours, but also the way is sitting on top of the peplum of the blouse. I think you did great to find a vintage cardigan that fits as well as this one did! I'm always wearing heels when it's a laughable choice, problem is you can't really wait for the ground not to be soggy here ;)

  6. Pink looks wonderful on you! I have come around a bit more to pink lately, it is much more flattering that I thought it would be. Such a beautiful outfit x

  7. This is such a cute look and I really love how you've paired the different shades of pink together! And great job with Butterick 1950; it's one of my favourite blouse patterns, and it's so nice to see it made up in different fabrics ~ gives me more ideas! :D ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  8. Shut the front door this is amazing!

  9. Such a wonderful outfit!!
    Love everthing.

    Many hugs,
    Sandra <3

  10. Fab,just fab,I applaud your skill and flair. Spendid!