Friday, 10 June 2016

Spring bag and purple St Michael dress.

Once the sun starts shining, it is time for the floral dresses and accessories to finally make their seasonal debut. 

I found this beautiful, vintage dress and loved the print immedietly. Unfortunately, the fit just wasn't working for me, so I slightly altered it. 
I lengthened the hem as much as possible, let out the side seams in the bodice and added panels in the sleeves for ease of movement. 
Vintage garments often need to be tweaked so a bit of sewing knowledge is always handy as a vintage wearer. Especially with repairs! There were a couple of small tears in this dress which have now been sympathetically mended. 

Outfit details
Dress- St Micheals, vintage, Frocks in Swing Time
Cardigan- Vintage, Frocks in Swing Time
Bag- Me Made
Belt- H&M
Sandals- New Look, Old
Earrings- Vintage, BowandCrossbones
Sunglasses- New Look, Old

Lavender and pink are a heavenly combination! 

To compliment my new to me, vintage dress, I knew I needed a pretty floral bag. 

I made this sweet little bag from a free pattern on Brittneys blog VaVoom Vintage. It is a simple, cloth bag that is very versite. 
I haven't attempted the little hat yet but that also looks adorable!

I carefully embroidered and stitched appliqué on to the main body of natural linen using gorgeous spring hued, 100% wool felt from Cloud Craft
This hand worked embellishment did take a huge amount of time, but I'm so pleased with the results!

The hem is still a fraction on the short side. Unfortunately it was altered very short by someone else who diddnt leave much fabric inside to let down. 

What I particularly love about my new spring bag is that it easily converts to a fabulous knitting bag. 
The opening of the bag holds my yarn safely in place whilst you knit away to your hearts content. 

I'm really enjoying the warmer weather recently, even though there have only been a few nice days. 

And this is my first shirt dress.
 I can honestly say I have fallen in love with the style! 

Now that warmer weather is here I'm feeling like there are endless opportunities. 

X O X O 



  1. You look absolutely adorable in this lovely dress!

    Many hugs,
    Sandra <3

  2. A really beautiful summery dress and vintage M&S is always a good find. I've had that bag on my list of things to make for quite some time now but I had never thought of doing it with appliqué, my word that is gorgeous!! I may have to seriously think about what I'm going to do with mine now, you've opened up all sorts of possibilities. Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Such a perfect summer outfit <3 I don't have anything in this shade of lilac and it's so pretty I must! Your skills, as usual, amaze me. As well as your patience - boy you have patience I could never have with clothes!!

  4. Such a beautiful dress, and that bag! Wowsers, it is beautiful! I am really hoping that the warm weather stays with us for a while, at least long enough to feel like we have had a proper summertime here in the UK this year! :) xx

  5. Your dress is adorable, and you did an amazing job on the bag!!!

  6. That dress is amazing and the colour is absolutely gorgeous on you! You are so skillful, this is such a lovely bag! x

  7. Beautiful colour dress on you, so dreamy! And that bag - wow, what a talent! You have such skills. x

  8. Gorgeous outfit! That bag is so immensely sweet, fun and cheerful. I just adore the classic shape and am totally wishing for one akin to it for my own warm weather wardrobe. Way to go on making this stunning vintage frock work for you. It's absolutely beautiful and so very sweet!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  9. Such a lovely dress, the colours are fantastic. I really like your appliqué version of the bag, it looks really fabulous.

  10. Firstly, the lilac is gorgeous! If I could magic up an exact replica of this dress for my wardrobe, I really would! It has all my favourite elements of purple, pink, florals and a shirtwaist is always the bomb. :) But I also want to say thank you for pointing me in the direction of that bag pattern from Brittney. I have been searching high and low for a pattern exactly like it ~ ever since seeing that style on Miss Fisher. You've embroidered yours up beautifully, it's a very inspiring piece! This whole ensemble is just spring-summer perfection! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  11. Just a lovely dress on you! The colors are so fun, it has a very Horrockses feel. And your bag! I want one!