Saturday, 27 August 2016

Crop tops and Dirndl skirts

Everyone needs a signature look for the summer!
 Something easy to put together with separates in your wardrobe and looks great every time, even if you don't have the brain power in the morning to think up a ground breaking fashion statement!

For my summer wardrobe I like to have a good supply of crop tops and dirndl skirts on hand. Super comfortable and easy to wear for a casual look but still stylish with a vintage flair. 

Topped off with a ridiculously fabulous lampshade hat and accessorised with a couple of bangles, the look is very elegant indeed. 

I put this look together with garments which have appeared on my blog before, but never together. 
The crop top was made from Mrs Depews Beach Bustier pattern that I reviewed HERE.
And the skirt is part of a playsuit I made for my holiday to Sicily last summer that I blogged about HERE. 

I must say that I wear my clothes a lot! 
I have never been one to wear a garment to one occasion and then never again. I like to wear my favourites constantly, to the point where I just don't want to ever take them off!

Outfit Details
Top- Me made- Mrs Depew Beach Bustier pattern
Skirt- Me made- Simplicity 2527
Hat- H&M
Sandals- New look
Ivory plastic bangle- Frocks in Swing Time
Bamboo bangle- LadyLucksBoutique
Sunglasses- New look
Earrings- Vintage- Alfie's Antique market
Sunglasses- Bvlgari

What's your go to summer look?



Wednesday, 17 August 2016

A little bit of the 80s!

I am a 40s, 50s vintage girl at heart, with an occasional bit of the 60s thrown in for variation. The 80s don't even get a look in. Until now!

I saw this little number and it reminded me of ric rac trimmed patio dresses of the 50s. The reality was a bit more polyester than I would have liked, but the overall feel was just what I wanted.

Although not technically ric rac trimmed, the ribbon and lace detail is super cute! 

And I love any outfit that I can wear a hat with!

I don't have anything off the shoulder in my wardrobe, it's just perfect for sunny days!

Outfit Details
Dress- Beyond Retro
Hat- Accessorize
Sandals- New Look
Belt- H&M
Handbag- Vintage from Goodwood 2015
Sunglasses- New Look

I have definitely not got the hang of vintage shopping quite yet! 
It may not have been a wise move to buy an unlined polyester summer dress, but it was so pretty!
It is also made out of a see through lining fabric, which is only obvious in the sunlight outside. And when I say see through, boy do I mean it! 
I realised in good time though so I ran back inside and slipped on a white linen pencil skirt underneath because I don't have any half slips! (Note to self- buy nude half slip!)

It was a lot of fun taking these pictures! I think the more playful an outfit is, the more playful you are for the pictures!

Oh how I love all white accessories in the summer! 

The hat is my favourite part of the look! It's so much fun playing around with hats! Like playing dress up! I can't believe I never wore hats before this year!!! 



Friday, 5 August 2016

Tiki Playsuit Hack with Butterick B6354

For my contribution to the exciting #RetroTikiCollab I wanted to make something that I could dress up or down. I love an elegant sophisticated look, but let's face it, fun and practical better suits my lifestyle regardless of how much I wish I was a femme fatale who's main responsibilities include cocktail parties! 

So, elegant and sophisticated with the fabulous wrap skirt and the little bolero combo! 

The bolero was my favourite part of the project. It sewed up so quickly and easily, and instantly gives that hint of vintage glamour I am always searching for.
I have already made 2 of these. And it takes up so little fabric that any leftover fabric from a project can be utilised ingeniously for this. 

Whip off the bolero for a more sexy look. 
I love a whip off kind of an outfit! Makes me feel like a pinup superman!

The wrap skirt is also a super fun make!
Nothing tricky about it, but the side wrap gives the appearance of an advanced make. Ha! It's not. But it makes me look clever, and super cute!

The only point I would make about the skirt, is that it does not have an adjustable waist. The ties have fixed points so do check the fit before finishing the waistline.  I could have gone tighter, but it's super comfy, and not everything needs to strangle, right?

The top and skirt are amazing together!
 This look is calling out for a tropical cocktail with an umbrella!

Another layer comes off and reveals a one piece playsuit/romper.

I love a playsuit but I didnt have one in my wardrobe. Criminal I know, so that needed to be rectified, and what a perfect opportunity!

So, to make the 2 piece in to a playsuit it is really just a case of joining the 2 pieces at the waist. No pattern adjustment, very simple!

  • I sewed up the shorts, omitting the zip and ignored the waistband all together.  
  • I sewed the top and top lining separately as directed. Boning the lining as outlined in the instructions and then only stitched them together along the top edge. 
  • I joined the bottom edge of the bodice to the top edge of the shorts(the waistline), matching seams and darts. 
  • Pressed up the waist seam. 
  • Sewed in an invisible zip along the centre back.
  • And finished by hand stitching down the lining along the zip and waistline. 

I used boning casing, which is super quick and easy to sew with.
I also bought pre cut spiral steel boning to save time and save my fingers!
Both of which I bought at

The final step is the only hand sewing involved, which you could technically do mostly by machine, but I prefer hand finishing, it's therapeutic at the end of a machine heavy project and does give a beautiful finish.

And there we have the final result!

Such a pleasure to wear!

Although I made this playsuit to be a casual look, it still has that vintage elegance that makes it feel special.

Easy to get on and off with the invisible zip, which keeps the back looking smart.

The only other change I made to this pattern, was to make some cute spaghetti straps, and creating this triple strand strap. I have seen these straps on vintage tiki dresses so wanted to recreate the look.
I'm so happy with how they turned out! For such a small change, these straps add an interesting detail, making the look feel all the more vintage.

I kept the styling of this look pretty simple with a must have hair flower and bamboo bangle to create a tiki look.
Both from ladylucksboutique which I absolutely love! They have a great variety of hair flowers to choose from.
And the earrings are vintage dead stock I bought from bowandcrossbones who do some incredible jewellery!!

And one last pinup picture for the road!

Don't forget to check out the other Tiki Pinups from the #RetroTikiCollab!

Akram from Akram's Ideas

Abi from The Crafty Pinup

Bianca from Vintage on Tap

To keep the fun Tiki Party going!!!



Thursday, 4 August 2016


I started blogging as a way of recording my achievements and progress, with my sewing endeavours. What I wasn't expecting with blogging, were the friendships that would develop with other incredibly creative, stylish and talented women from all over the world. 

In fact I find that most of my styling and creative inspiration comes from other bloggers- real people who share my love of vintage fashion.

When Bianca from Vintage On Tap approached me to take part in a sewing collaboration, I was excited to get involved in a project with some super talented Pinup ladies.

For the #RetroTikiCollab, 4 vintage sewing bloggers have joined forces to create fun, tiki looks, all using Butterick B6354, but adapting the pattern to best suit our own styles.

This pattern is made up of 4, individual elements, that are amazing to mix and match and each of us have approached the pattern in a different way.

Firstly there is Akram from Akrams Ideas, who has made up the pattern as it is fabulously intended.

No messing about, tiki style served straight up!

This 4 piece is an incredibly fun look!
Easy to wear and instantly brings a feel of tropical sunshine, wherever you are!

Click over to Akrams blog to read her review of Butterick B6354 and how she made her cute, tiki 4 piece HERE!

Secondly there is Abi from The Crafty Pinup who has sewn up the bodice and skirt together as a tiki dress.

Abi has created the most smouldering pinup dress, perfect for glamming up!
Every Pinup needs a tiki dress!

Find her hack on how to make this beautiful dress, on her blog Here!

Thirdly we have Bianca from Vintage On Tap who was the brains behind this collaboration.

She ingeniously made her outfit reversible!
'Say Whatt???'
Seriously! That's 2 outfits in 1!
Totally takes the look to a whole new level!

Find out how to make this reversible look on Bianca's blog HERE!

And finally, my little addition.

Which appears sophisticated on the surface.

But has a cheeky interior!

I sewed up my 2 piece together to create this playsuit.  

Infact, it is hardly a hack as it was so easy, but check it out HERE non the less, because playsuits rule!
Especially in the park, or on the beach!

The best thing about sewing, is creating something unique, that suits you, fits you and makes you feel incredible!
I hope we have shown you how you can let your creativity run wild, and create something gorgeous!

This collaboration was such a fun project, and I would just like to quickly thank you to the lovely ladies that took part. You are such an inspiration to me!

Anyone who loves a bit of vintage sewing should definitely go and check out these girl's blogs, a huge amount of vintage eye candy to ogle!