Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Spy Girl Trench

I don't know how anyone gets by without a trench coat!
Super stylish and goes with practically any outfit, a trench coat is the perfect jacket for Autumn. 

Although the trench is a classic style, I struggled to find the perfect one on the high street. I basically wanted a Burberry trench but without the obscene price tag.
 As I couldn't find it, I of course made it. 

I used the Isla trench coat pattern by Named, and I'm super happy with the result!
The style is exactly what I was looking for!

I had never used Named patterns before, and I really enjoyed working with their pattern.  
 There is only one bad thing I have to say about the Named pattern I used, and that is that it works very much the same as Burda, where no seam allowance is included and the pieces overlap so have to be traced of. As there are many pieces, this drove me crazy. But other than that small niggle, the pattern was accurate and the instructions very clear. 

The back is super simple!
There is a cute belt under the collar,  which makes it look polished and sharp. 

The top cape effect is pretty cool.

Alongside the Amsterdam canals, this trench coat was giving off a sultry spy girl vibe. 

I didn't use any interfacing, except for the pockets, to stop fraying, so the collar does not stand up on its own. 
That would have been cool, but I would have only got makeup on it anyway so probably for the best after all. 

This pattern has plenty of technical details included. 
The pockets took a while to sew but were definitely worth it. 
The cuff belts frame the sleeves beautifully. 
The waist belt clinches in the waist, creating the perfect silhouette. 

I went with plain brown, tortoise shell effect, plastic buttons I bought off ebay, that marry well with the beige, pollycotton twill fabric I scoured Goldhawk road for. 

This wasn't a quick make, and there is a LOT of topstitching to do. But I took my time and everything went together swimmingly. 
That has a lot to do with the pattern instructions being so clear, which isn't always the case. 

Hopefully the clear backing buttons will stop the buttons from falling off, as I am very heavy handed on all of my buttons.
 Otherwise they do look very professional on the inside. 

I couldn't resist a quick flash of the turquoise lining along with the outfit that I will be posting about next.   ;-)

X O X O 


Thursday, 6 October 2016

Granny Chic

On my recent trip to Amsterdam, I wanted to put together a look that I could travel in and then jump right in to seeing the sights. So comfort was my main concern. 

Also when traveling I prefer not to wear my true vintage pieces as they don't tend to pack well or deal with clumsy spillages(I am a very clumsy spiller). 

Can we stop to note how annoyingly cold airplanes are, so got to stay warm too!

This is a look put together with pieces from the high street.
 A black polo sweater is always a classy option, and the tapered trouser were a straight leg that I had altered to be slimmer. 
It just goes to show that a vintage style wardrobe comes together with elements from many different places and doesn't have to cost a fortune either. 

Outfit Details
Polo sweater- M&S
Trousers- M&S
Loafers- New look
Scarf- Vintage- Beyond Retro
Handbag-Vintage- Etsy
Gold locket- Vintage-Etsy 

I did start the day with a lovely curly hairstyle, but the curls dropped badly throughout the day so I added the scarf as a last minute addition. 
I think it looks all the better for it too! Kind of European!

Ok, so this is definitely a bit of a granny look.
But my granny was a super stylish lady, so I'm totally ok with that!

I absolutely love a vintage souvenir scarf.
This is a Venice theme print. So about as close to the canals of Amsterdam as I could get. They aren't easy to find, and I am always delighted to come across one from a place I have actually been to. 

Tan is the perfect autumnal colour for accessories. Goes with pretty much everything so keeps my packing light too.
This lovely vintage bag arrived in the post just in time to take on holiday and I turned out to be super useful! Just the right size to fit in my essentials comfortably. But small enough that even if I stuff it full of unnecessary rubbish (like I usually do) then it isn't too heavy to carry around all day. 

Gosh, this is my first outfit post in a while that doesn't include any handmade items. 
I am always very precious with my handmade and vintage pieces that I worry they will get ruined.
That's what's great with repro or high street pieces. Machine washable and can take the strain of being stuffed in a suitcase and roughed up a bit. 

Anyone notice how my outfit matches the buildings. Totally accidental, but YES!!!