Tuesday, 29 November 2016

When life gives you lemons

I have worn some pretty wacky outfits in my time.
 But I don't consider this look to be particularly unusual to the modern world.  
It isn't even that vintagy looking to people that think vintage is a bit odd. 
And yet I have got some super weird looks when wearing this dress!


It is a pretty modest shape. A bit of a front split going on in the skirt, but nothing untoward is on show. I thought perhaps the fabric was sheer, but I am assured, from many a source,that I have had check in various lighting, that it is not sheer. No under crackers visible at all. 

And yet I have had points and stares from total strangers. And not just this day when I was super dressed up, but also when I have worn this dress casually to the park without any glamorous sprucing involved. 

I will never understand some people.
"It's a dress! Ain't you never seen a dress!"

Ok, rant over-insert good hair pic here!!!

I fell in love with this dress, or rather the real, designer, Dolce and Gabanna version last spring, which naturally was excessively expensive for a cotton sun dress.

So I totally knocked it off!

I possibly wouldn't have gone to such an effort to replicate this dress had it been for casual wear.
 But as I wanted to wear it to my friends wedding, I made the commitment to make my dream dress!

In all its yellow lemon glory!

I ordered a reproduction Dolce and Gabanna fabric on Etsy. It looked fab in the pictures. But the fabric that arrived was awful! (Ordered from China so I should have known!)
Very little detail, sloppy in fact and the colours were off. 
Why are there yellow leaves??? Leaves should be Green!!! 

 But as a glass half full kind of girl, I jumped on the challenge to fix it! 

So yes, I painted it!

All 4 meters of it. Took soo long!

But was totally worth every second!

Naturally I needed a large surface to paint the fabric, so the kitchen table was busy for a while. A long while! (Sorry Dad)

Here is part of the bodice before I stitched it together. Painting all done. I managed to get the colours looking vibrant and put some detail back in to the print!
It made all the difference.

As this dress was for a special occasion, I added some beads and crystals, just on the one side as an accent. I'm not sure why I only did one side to be honest, but it was intentional. I didn't just get bored half way through. 

I'm really happy with how the embellishments turned out! 
Pretty subtle with a nice sparkle. 

And don't worry, I am completely in love with this dress. 
Let them point, I wave back, they hate that!

X O X O 



  1. Oh my gosh this dress is so beautiful!! You did an amazing job painting the fabric and the embellishments look amazing! Your hair looks perfect too! I am obsessed with this dress xx

  2. Well done for going the extra mile in pursuit of perfection!! It was so worth it. What a bombshell you are in it. Can I ask for fabric paint advice please? What did you use? And did you 'seal' it?? Xx

  3. You look absolutely beautiful Christina and the dress is perfection! I'm certain that's why people were pointing and staring, you're a complete vision! x

  4. This dress is so beautiful. I love the print!! You wore this so well and your hair is perfection


  5. Lovely dress! I think people must have been staring in admiration! x

  6. Thanks for your messages earlier trying to give me fabric paint help! I've eventually found some especially for shoes, so you use a hairdryer to set it rather than an iron. I'm going to give it a go! Here's the product: https://www.furnitureclinic.co.uk/Shoe_Colouring_Kit.php?si=1&gclid=COCxp5G10dACFUUW0wod6WUH-w

  7. Uh... What would it take to have you make me this dress in this fabric? Because I've been obsessed with the Dolce and Gabbana version for ages, and you seriously knocked it out of the park with your take on it!
    And could it be that all of the attention was just because you look so good? You look flat out amazing.

  8. I bet anyone who points at you is pointing out how lovely you look! You look beautiful in that gorgeous dress.

  9. This is AMAZING! You look like an old Hollywood movie star - so glamorous! You are my ultimate vintage sewing inspiration! x

  10. For a vintage-style dress, it has a really modern feel, so I would have expected it to go under the radar a bit, but I guess you never know! It must have been pointing and staring of admiration, as the others have suggested. Again, I'm so impressed with your paint retouching of the pattern - this is such a good idea!

  11. Surely people were staring because you look amazing?? There's nothing abnormal about this outfit, so that has to be it!

  12. Pretty pretty, pretty pretty pretty

  13. Oh my goodness! You have done a beautiful job! Truly. I think I am looking at the same fabric from etsy that you purchased! Yellow leaves aside how has this dress held up? I would love to know before I take the plunge and buy some, I would ask the seller but I know that no matter what I ask the answe will be ridiculously positive and I want honest. (Jantion99@gmail)

    1. I would describe this fabric much the same as a cotton bed sheet. Slight stiffness to it which sews and presses really well. Slightly thinner than I would have liked, I lined the bodice so my bra wouldn't show through. The fabric had also machine washed nicely and not lost or bled any colour. I'm happy with it. Hope that helps.