Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Lady in Red

Was it just me, or did Autumn come and go incredibly quickly?

I have barely come to grips with dressing seasonally appropriate and the season has gone and changed again!

At least my newest make is a good transitional piece, so luckily I can wear it as much as I like in the coming weeks (well months, I do love it!)

I fell in love with this 1940s pattern instantly, but have held off making it for a while because the pattern was missing instructions and pattern pieces.

So it was like a Sudoku puzzle- not one of my strengths!
But it came together splendidly in the end, after many a mock up!

Sleeves! Why don't I make more garments with sleeves???
These are particularly fabulous, slim cut sleeves, with a triple dart at the elbow for movement.

I tried to photograph the inner elbow darts, but I am yet to find a pose which doesn't look ridiculous, suggestions welcome!
So you will have to take my word on the fabulous triple sleeve darts!

This pattern calls for soft shoulder pads, which have cured my irrational fear of shoulder pads!
 They don't make my broad shoulders broader at all! Instead they offer a little structure and balance the silhouette beautifully!

The cross over front was what I fell in love with!
 It is also what drove me insane trying to figure out, but I managed to compromise a solution!

For the eagle eyed among you, you may notice that the twisted front is not quite the same as the pattern.
 I did originally make the front as it is intended to be, but it wasn't flattering, so I have fed one of the ties through a dart and stitched it in. Less bulky in the front that way.

I added pockets, which is not part of the original pattern, but I always love pockets in dresses, so i'm glad I spent the extra time adding them!

The big bow in the back is a little dramatic!
But a bright red dress is never going to be subtle anyway. 

It is a soft drapey bow though, so I think it remains pretty elegant. 

Got to get those pictures of Autumn leaves in before they are all gone!

Outfit Details
Dress- Me Made from Vintage Simplicity 2178
Earrings-Vintage-Bang Bang clothing exchange

The fabric I used is a wool suiting, lovely and warm, which drapes well. Bought from Classic Textiles, Goldhawlk road, London.

What a fraying mess that was to sew, summer can't come along soon enough so I can get back to sewing with good old stable cotton!

I think this is only the second pattern from the 40s that I have sewn up.
I'm so proud of the finished result, which makes all of the hard work totally worth it!
I am actually feeling super in to the 40s style this season, so maybe a couple of more pieces might pop up!

X O X O 



  1. Oh my, what an utterly divine dress!! The colour is sensational on you, and what a classic, pretty design. The bow is essential I'd say, and I think your modified wrap front was a wise choice. It's incredibly flattering, do you think you'll make it in other colours? This is making me feel impatient with my own sewing ability, I want to make things like this!! xx

  2. Gorgeous dress and red really, really suits you! The fabric looks gorgeous too, I love a soft wool suiting.
    In terms of showing off the sleeve darts you could always reach up to something to show the inner part of the arm. I did it recently with my white and navy polka dot blouse that had button detailing on the inner side of the cuff. xx

  3. Stunning! I love this pattern and it works so well with this bright red fabric you have used.

  4. You should definitely be proud, another amazing dress! Seriously lady you have created some truly beautiful pieces this year and it has been a delight to follow your blog and see what you come up with next! You remind me so much of Veronica Lake in these photos, total goddess. The shoulder pads were a great addition - they are actually one of my favourite things about 40s styles because I love the silhouette they create and how they make your posture look better (at least in my case anyway :P). I have also been really feeling the 40s this month and I look forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeve!

  5. So impressive, what a gorgeous dress and you look gorgeous in it. The fact you managed to make it even with instructions missing... you are a sewing goddess!!

  6. Wow! This is amazing! Love the fabric and changes you made, this is such a beautiful dress. Your hair looks so gorgeous too x

  7. Lovely! Thank you for sharing. I'm so impressed with your sewing skills. The dress really looks wonderful on you!

  8. What a beautiful look! You really look like such a bombshell in this dress - the red is gorgeous on you, and the dress hugs your curves beautifully. I'm always so blown away by your talent, you did an amazing job on this dress.
    Zella Maybe

  9. Fabulous! And Jessica is right - very bombshell! I noticed the front looked different to the illustration, but I just assumed it looked different in real life - so often they do. I love the way yours looks so good work on that change.

  10. Fabulous dress! It looks so glamorous. That shade of red really suits you. I'm impressed that you could make up the missing pattern pieces.