Monday, 9 January 2017

Pink to make the boys Wink ;-)

Happy New Year dear readers!

For my first post of the year, I wanted to come in with style, and apparently fashionably late too, as the new year began a good week ago!

I have something special for you today, as an evening gown is most unusual outerwear for me (not so unusual worn casually around the house though!)

I came across this 1950s, fuchsia pink, satin cocktail dress whilst vintage shopping in Amsterdam in September. 
In fact I tried it on for a laugh more than anything else. But lo and behold, it fit, and dam, I felt a million bucks! So for €30, it came home with me. 

It wasn't until the yearly Harrods Staff Ball rolled around, that I realised I had the perfect dress to wear!
I wanted the dress to be a real show stopper, so naturally I added a sprinkle of seamstress magic to it!

I managed to find a fabric, almost the same shade (so close) and made a skirt to wear over the dress, with a full train in the back.
I started making this skirt the week before the ball, so it was being sewn right up the the last minute!
It was literally, a rectangle of fabric, pleated and attached to a waistband.

I pleated the fabric by eye, without a pattern, in a bit of a slap dash kind of manner, but it came together beautifully.

A 2am selfie from the night before, when I had just finished sewing the skirt.

I was clearly delirious with joy, having managed to pull the cat out the bag so close to the finish line.

I had to work the day of the ball, so I came in all dolled up.
False lashes and all. Lashes make the world of difference to a glamorous look, how did I not know that???

And there we have the finished look!
I'm so glad that I spent the extra time making the full train, it was a lot of fun swishing about!

Outfit Details
Dress- Vintage- (in Amsterdam)
Skirt- Me made
Pouch bag- Me Made (in 20 minutes before the event from fabric scraps)
Fur Stole- Vintage- Paper Doll Vintage
Gloves-Vintage-Beyond Retro
Earrings-Vintage- Alfies Antiques
Necklace-Absolute Pearls
Lashes-Eyelure Volume 100
Lipstick- MAC- Girl About town

I was channelling my inner Marilyn all night!

By some miracle, when an entire glass of red wine was spilt in my lap during dinner, it wiped off without leaving even a shadow of a stain! So it is either a magical dress, the dress is made is of a waterproof synthetic fabric or the 60+ years of grime build up have created a wine proof finish.
 Either way I was mightily glad that I escaped the red wine debacle unscathed!
And proceeded to swish about mightily smug for the rest of the night!

And a big thank you to my lovely team, who made the night a success and dressed up to the nines!
Finally an event I wasn't over dressed for!




  1. It looks amazing! That train really makes the dress stand out.

  2. You look stunning! This dress was such an amazing find, and I think the train adds so much fun and drama. Pretty in pink indeed!

  3. "Finally, an event I wasn't overdressed for" - that made me chortle!!!

    You look so beautiful, definitely a touch of Marilyn's cheekiness in your poses! What a great idea to make the overskirt. Just stunning.

    Wishing you much more glamour in the year to come!

  4. What a dress!! My word, that is stunning and the skirt train just gives that extra pizzazz, I love it! I wish our work's Christmas do was as glamorous as yours. I'm always overdressed compared to everyone else. Grrr! xx

  5. Wow!!! Absolutely stunning!! That is such a gorgeous dress and the colour looks amazing on you, I loveeee the skirt you made to go with it, so good finding fabric so similar! All the best for the new year x

  6. So beautiful and glamorous! That is so amazing that you were able to find fabric to match too! I've always loved dresses with trains. It looks like you had a marvellous time.
    The Artyologist

  7. This is amazing - I've always wanted a dress with a skirt train like this, and you just go and make yourself one (well, half make yourself one). So impressive and you look absolutely beautiful. Falsies are the way forward...

  8. That fabric has the most beautiful sheen, you look absolutely dazzling! Your gown must have been the talk of the ball! I instantly thought of Marilyn too when I saw these photos, and in this case rather than diamonds, it's false lashes that are a girls best friend ;) :P

  9. This is such an elegant gown, and I think your makeup compliments it perfectly, lashes and all! Personally, I'm actually a huge fan of natural style lashes, I think they just add a little somethin' somethin' which is a lot of fun. :D ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill