Monday, 27 February 2017

Not a Christmas Jumper

As a maker of garments, I like to make things for specific occasions.
It's nice to have that deadline in mind in order to get things finished, otherwise I end up with multiple projects on the go, in various stages of completion (and/or disarray).

So when I was invited to Sweden for a week in the winter, I was certain that I needed to make a winter appropriate jumper to photograph in the snow.

Snow is not something we get in London, and oh boy was I excited to see it!!

 So when I came across this Fair isle jumper pattern, for Susan Crawford's Perfect Christmas Jumper, I had to make it.

Oh the joy of naivety!
Were I a better knitter, I would have known that this was a bit of a tricky project, but ignorance is bliss, and so I began.

I didn't realise it would take so long, 2 months, of all my free time, which I have never committed to one project before.
Or that knitting with 2 colours required so much of my concentration to make everything flat.(It was all puckered at first so I had to rip it back and start again)

But somehow, I managed it in the end!
And it is pretty cute, if I do say so myself!

And so, even though it is meant to be the perfect Christmas Jumper, to me it will always be my perfect swedish jumper, that I wore for a long walk, in a frozen wonderland, with my swedish friend.

Isn't it nice that garments absorb memories of the places we wore them, and who we were with, or is that just me?

X O X O 



  1. I am so impressed, those are some good knitting skills! It does sound like it a was a bit of an arduous process, but it was worth it for that lovely last photo alone with you beaming in your snazzy hand-made jumper. How lucky to get to visit Sweden too, I do hope you'll share more photos. x

  2. It's an amazing jumper, I would love to have something similar, so I think it was worth the mammoth effort! And I am definitely attached to some clothes because of the memories they have been a part of. Holidays in particular!

  3. I love this jumper! I'm very impressed you achieved it in 2 months, you should be very proud. I love that you wore it to Sweden, it's incredibly apt and you'll have it for this coming Christmas too. In fact, I bet it would look amazing with a tea length skirt made with hundreds of layers of white tulle! xx

  4. Good for you for persevering with the project- even when it got frustrating and you had to start over. It turned out really, really nicely!
    The Artyologist

  5. WOW! You are just amazing!! This is such a beautiful jumper and it now has some wonderful memories attached with it. You look beautiful x

  6. It seems to me that you can kinda craft anything right now...! It's a shame that this kind of jumper is so associated with Christmas because it's too darn cute not to wear the heck out of!

  7. Fantastic knit! I think two months sounds fairly quick for colour work! It looks lovely and how nice that it will remind you of your Sweden trip whenever you wear it.