Sunday, 16 April 2017


Happy Easter dear readers, and what better day to reveal my #EasterSpringDress2017

  When I saw that Gertie was hosting a sew along for her summer dress pattern-Butterick B6453, I dropped all other sewing projects and had to start sewing this dress.

It also quite happily fitted in with the #EasterSpringDress2017 sew along that Akram from Akram's ideas blog and Judith from Judith Dee's World hosted.
So it ended up being extra fun!

It is a super simple and fun make, which allows a pretty print to be centre stage.

And the little straps have metal sliders which make the straps adjustable and give a professional, polished finish.

I wore this particular outfit to Greenway Estate in Devon, which was of course the summer home of the British author Agatha Christie- but then you already knew that, I'm sure.

It ended up being an incredibly warm and sunny day, perfect for wondering around the gardens in a pretty floral dress.

You can just see the house in the background. 

And never one to go on an outing without a craft of some sort, I spent a little while sat outside doing a little knitting in a deck chair, absorbing some sunshine.
How very British!

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  1. Gorgeous dress on a gorgeous day! It was grey when we were there. What a stirling job you did on that frock, it's lovely. Happy Easter xx

  2. Beautiful dress, beautiful setting and clearly a beautiful day! I love that you used a lavender zip to match the colour of the flowers, that's such a cute, yet simple touch. xx

  3. Very pretty! I love the delicate floral print, and the simple shape of the dress is so flattering on you. What a perfect dress to wear on a beautiful day, seeing a bit of Agatha Christie's life!

  4. I love how your dress turned out! It is absolutely perfect for Easter. I've really enjoyed seeing all the results of that sew-along, and yours is just lovely.
    The Artyologist

  5. Another amazing creation! I love the fabric you have used, it's beautiful!! You look gorgeous as always x

  6. What a pretty dress! Lovely print. Great knitting spot too!

  7. Love this dress! I'm Allie, the marketing manager for Spoonflower's new European office. Are you interested in collaborating? If so, please shoot me an email at I'd love to connect!