Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Butterick B6413

It's not often that I see a dress pattern and know instantly that I need to make it. 
But with this dress, I bought the pattern immediately. 
It is the Gertie pattern- Butterick B6413, based off the Fuchsia pink dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in the 1953 film 'Niagara'.

I made the dress up in a pale blue crepe, thinking that would make it a more daytime piece, and so more wearable.
 Turns out this dress is incredibly inappropriate for daytime attire, regardless of the fabric you choose.  
Could be the low cut neckline, or the bust peephole, but that didn't stop me wearing it out for brunch. 

I made one adjustment to this pattern, and that was to make the front tie detail a functional tie and not a faux detail.
 I am really happy that I took the time to do this adjustment, as it has come together really well!

Also, pastel pink and pastel blue seems to be a very pretty combination that I must remember for future sewing plans! 

My vintage dead stock jewellery set matched the outfit perfectly, so I finally managed to wear it.
 I had put it away because it was much larger than I had thought it would be, when I ordered it online. It is also incredibly delicate and I was afraid to damage it. 

Outfit Details
Dress- Me Made, Butterick B6413
Jewellery- Vintage Dead stock, Bow and Crossbones
Shoes- Old, Agnes and Norman

I shamelessly chose this location after finding that this little cafe was an Instagram hotspot. Not my usual requirement for the backdrop for my pictures, but it was so pretty, I had to pay a visit.  

Just look at that picturesque setting. Adorable!!

And I now officially want a vintage bicycle with a basket full of flowers. 
Which is ridiculous as I have no bicycle riding attire or the ability to ride a bicycle on the roads in London without being run over by a bus. 



Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Spoonflower Rue Dress

Polka dots are definitely one of my favourite prints!
So when I was approached by Spoonflower who print custom fabrics, I went straight for the polka dots. 

Polka dots prints are usually repeat prints with a symmetry to them, but what I liked most about this print is the random placement, it gives it that more designer feel and seems like a fun and happy print. It is also extremely difficult to find prints with a soft cream base, opposed to a harsh white. 

I wanted a pretty summer dress that would be elegant but also fun and playful. 

To showcase this stunning cream and red polka dot print, I decided to sew up the Rue dress from Colette patterns. 
This dress is a classic shape with some interesting details which need a crisp but not too stiff fabric to maintain the shape. 
The Kona® Cotton Ultra fabric that I chose was the perfect choice for this pattern, it's heavier weigh held the skirt and bust pleats in shape perfectly and was very easy to sew. 

The piping in this pattern was incredibly exciting! I don't often get the chance to use it, so it was a nice addition to this project. The red piping really does make the polka dots pop!

Although the skirt of the dress is pleated, it isn't super full, so I feel that I can wear it that little bit more casually. 
Of course my idea of casual is somewhat skewed, as this dress to me is a casual look. We should wear the clothes we love everyday, and not just for special occasions!

I added my Cupid brooch from The Pink Bungaloo to jazz up the simple bodice, this can be a difficult brooch to wear as it is on the larger side and won't sit nicely on a collar, but it is quite at home on this dress. 

Outfit Details
Dress- Me Made, Collette Rue dress. And sewn with Spoonflower cotton fabric
Brooch- Pink Bungaloo
Shoes- Rocket Originals, Ida shoes in Red suede

This has been such a fun project, it was so liberating to choose the exact fabric that I wanted, from such a huge range of choices.

And I have ended up with a pretty summer dress which I need to take on picnics, to the seaside and the circus! 



Please note, I received this fabric without charge for my collaboration with Spoonflower, my opinions are of course my own.