Monday, 14 August 2017

Lavender lady

I have wanted to visit a lavender field for the longest time, so when an opportunity presented itself I knew I needed to make a dress to wear. 

I wanted something with a whimsical feel but a simple shape because it was a very last minute make and I didn't have a dress pattern to work from. 

The fabric is a cotton Broidery Anglaise which I had in stash.
 I don't usually like to keep fabric in stash because I find I tend to go off them if they don't get made into something while I am still excited about it. 
I had got to the point where I had forgotten what I had bought this fabric for and I was irritated that it was taking up space in my very limited storage. 

It is such a beautiful fabric though, and I didn't want it to go to waste. 

I used a classic men's coat buttons in brown down the front. 
They have an almost tortoise shell effect that I rather like, and compliments my new Joanie sunglasses that I picked up in their sale last week. 

I naturally had to team this dress with my favourite straw hat for a stroll about the lavender field! 

At first I cut the neckline totally straight, but I went back in mid sew and slightly curved it into a slight sweetheart shape, which I much prefer. 
It is still only a very subtle change but I do think it looks softer. 

Outfit Details
Dress- Me Made, self drafted
Hat- Old Accesorize
Sunglasses- Joanie Clothing

The hem ruffle is possibly my favourite element of the dress!
I allowed the scalloped edge to border the bottom hem and the result is such a sweet little detail. 

I am so happy with the result, and the white fabric photographed much better than I had thought it would! 
It's always such a shame when the beauty of something just doesn't translate well in a picture. 

My new favourite shoes from Rocket Originals are absolutely darling and go with practically everything! I would most definitely recommend the brand to anyone that has been on the fence about purchasing from them online. 

The lavender was magnificent, and the smell was intoxicating! 
I could smell it in the air as soon as I got off the bus. 

The Mayfield lavender field was a lovely little afternoon trip, it is always so refreshing to take a step away from the usual, everyday routine to see something special. 



And a special thank you to my lovely friend Maria who took an afternoon jaunt to the countryside and who took such lovely pictures for me. 


  1. Beautiful photos - I'm yet to find a lavender field near me, so colour me green with envy! Broderie anglaise was a perfect choice and this is another perfect dress! You make me want to learn to sew so much... until I remember I have no patience or skill for it.

  2. Gorgeous dress!! Broderie and a ruffle hem is just summer perfection. I don't think Wales has lavender fields. What a shame! X

  3. Wow, I'd never thought of going to a lavender field but these photos make me want to go. I've just done a search online and there's one near me. Yay! It's closed now until next year but I will definitely keep it in mind.

    The dress looks fab, I love broderie anglaise, it's just so fresh! The ruffle at the bottom is the perfect touch and using the scalloped edge really makes it look beautifully finished.

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  5. What a lovely dress! It's perfect for summer, especially if your summer involves frolicking in a lavender field. The broderie anglaise is such a gorgeous fabric, and this dress is exactly the sort of thing that works so well with it.

  6. Love that little ladybug! What a stunning backdrop for this whimsical dress! White dresses are just the thing to wear in a lavender field and broderie anglais was the perfect choice of fabric as it suits the daintiness of the dress with all its ruffles so well. The contrasting buttons were a great idea, I love that you wore sunglasses to match them! I've been eyeing that particular pair of Rocket Originals sandals for a while and now I want them even more, all of their styles are so lovely.

  7. Such a pretty dress, it looks so fresh and summery. The lavender field makes a lovely backdrop.

  8. Beautiful photos, and I am so impressed that you just whipped that dress up last minute! It's gorgeous! I visited a lavender farm a few years ago when I was in England, (not this one) and I loved it too. :)

  9. Literally my dream dress in the dream location ~ lavender is one of my most favourite flowers and one day I'd love to shoot a look in a field like this! Of course, I do think your dress and hat are the best ensemble choice for the lavender, you look like your on holiday in France! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill